That’s the rumor being reported in an Italian newspaper. According to the report, Ferrari is prepared to offer Lewis Hamilton over $40 million to sign with Ferrari at the end of this season, when Hamilton’s contract with McLaren expires. It is said that Ferrari team manager Jean Todt considers Hamilton the true successor to Michael Schumacher.

The British newspaper, the Daily Mail, is also reporting that the feud between Hamilton and team mate Fernando Alonso may be a factor in Hamilton’s decision, as well. Reportedly, McLaren team manager Ron Dennis has been unable to end the feud between his two drivers and Hamilton is no longer on speaking terms with Alonso. The Daily Mail says that Alonso has told Dennis that either Hamilton goes or he goes.

Alonso, who is Spanish, has some bargaining power because on of the biggest sponsors at McLaren is Santander, a bank which is based in Spain. The Spanish media have been very critical of Hamilton, who won in the Hungarian Grand Prix only after Alonso was stripped of his pole position for ostensibly balking Hamilton during qualifying. Reportedly, Alonso has consulted Renault team manager Flavio Briatore in and effort to determine how he might break his contract with McLaren.

Source: Daily Mail

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Ferrari330P4  (36) posted on 08.7.2007

Schumacher...he won 2 champs before he came to Ferrari. Alonso won 2 champs hopefully before he (or Lewis) comes to Ferrari. I have nothing against Kimi, it is just that his luck has been terrible. I can see this feud possibly causing the 2 drivers to go their seperate ways.

tango  (372) posted on 08.7.2007

It was only a matter of time before envy would raise it’s head. Hamilton is raw talent. Plain and simple. Alonso has to be working at 11/10 to keep up with Hamilton and he is now upset. Well the ball is in Ron Dennis’ court. Hamilton will not be the worse off for the change because Ferrari has the better car anyway. Better driver + better car equals unstopable. Can Ron afford that? I highly doubt that. Goodbye Alonso, you crybaby.

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