Just think if you had been involved in one of the greatest crashes of the century: would you actually want to experience it again on video? To be more exact, even Mr. Hammond’s doctors were quite nervous about him seeing it again. Despite nervousness though, his reaction is all business as he states in his blog "I think it would be irresponsible for us not to show the video."

Hammond later goes on and states that:

"We can’t pretend it didn’t happen- that we can hoon about all over Europe in super-cars and jet propelled dragsters without things going wrong. "

From these responses Hammond takes a stand for his actions and the Top Gear show giving the world a close up glimpse to the state of the Top Gear organization. Top Gear knows that they have done wrong but now the" show must go on" as should the life of Hammonds- he states in the end of his blog "we can all learn a lesson, my kids still got their dad."

Ultimately, Hammonds is most definitely happy to be back on the show and gets things going again - as is the rest of the automotive world. He is happy to have his health, his family, and be back doing what he and the automotive world loves. In the end Top Gear can learn from the crash and will be much more careful in what type of positions they put their drivers in the future of the television series.

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  (35) posted on 01.30.2007

Hammond is well spoken and his response is great. He is a great guy, especially with what he has had to deal with. His integrity should be admired.

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