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It’s hard to believe that BMW’s iDrive infotainment system is 20 years old this year. But it is, and if you need a little reminder of that, this short film from Bimmer will give you all the reminding you need. The film stars a grumpy, foul-mouthed BMW E65 7 Series and a much younger BMW iX. The two talking Bimmers argue about which of them is the better car.

Curse words are uttered, feelings are hurt, and a resolution happens towards the end. It’s a weird short film that’ll make you wonder what Bimmer’s marketing folks are sipping these days, but there is a story that’s told perfectly here, too. This is a story of two generations of BMW that couldn’t be more different from each other, though the two do have ties that bind. Give it a watch and prepare to have feelings about it afterward.

This is a story about innovation or 20 years’ worth of innovation, told through the perspectives of two BMW models, one of which was there for the beginning and another that’s reaping the benefits of the modern-day advancements of that innovation. This is a story that celebrates BMW’s iDrive infotainment system, regarded by many as one of the best infotainment systems in the market today. But before it ascended to such lofty heights, the iDrive system went through a lot of growing pains, and no model can best remember those pains than the 2000 BMW 7 Series E65, one of the first Bimmer models to be equipped with the OG iDrive infotainment system.

Have a Few Laughs At BMW's Expense in "A Story of Generations"
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It’s not surprising that the 7er E65 stars as the grouchy old-timer in this four-minute short film, bent on putting the young buck BMW iX in its place. As expected, the iX — it’s a female iX, apparently — isn’t taking grandpa 7er’s potty-mouth lying down. She holds her own in this really weird exchange, touting all the advancements that the iDrive system has had in the last two decades. She even tells the 7 Series to give her name, to which the latter responds with “Tamagotchi,” a clever, if not a far-reaching reference to the portable pet game that was en vogue back in the late 1990s.

Have a Few Laughs At BMW's Expense in "A Story of Generations"
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Eventually, the back-and-forth exchange between the two Bimmers leads to feelings getting hurt, and the 7 Series storms off, presumably uttering more curse words under its breath. Meanwhile, the female security guard overhears the two cars arguing, runs to his mate to tell them about what she’s heard, and the two eventually find the Bimmers sitting together on the platform. It’s a weird short film in many ways, but if you watch it long — and often — enough, you’ll realize that there is some sense to what these two Bimmers were talking about.

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