The HB Experience is about adventure, breathtaking sceneries, culture, romance, luxury and good manners. But most of all it’s about enjoying life. The Huet Brothers call this the original spirit. This spirit is also built around an especially designed car, the HB Special.

The design of the HB Special is derived from the style of the Barchetta racing cars that reigned at races such as the Mille Miglia, Targa Florio and Le Mans in the mid 1950’s. Cars like the Aston Martin DBR1, the Maserati 300 S or the Ferrari 412S have influenced the overall look and feel. The HB Special provides an experience that rivals a classic racing car. Noise, vibrations, road handling require technique and mastery to handle. It is a car that is faithful to the original spirit of a classic racing car but does not aspire to be an identical copy.

The HB Special uses materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber which means that the car only weighs 750 kg – ideal for handle of use, speed and maneuverability. Why carbon fiber you may ask? If the material had been available in the 50’s they would have used it. It is by far the strongest lightweight material to date. The design has an integrated roll-over bar housed behind the driver.

The car is powered by the six cylinder, 2.5 litre TR6 engine. The gearbox has four gears in an H pattern. Unlike the original version which had 105 -150 horse power, the engine for the HB Special has an output of over 180 hp.

Huet Brothers Experience

Whilst driving this car exclusive places and hidden gems will be visited to support the unforgettable experience. The concept and design are geared to provide a unique event even for the stringent demands of an experienced classic car connoisseur. The HB Experience and the HB Special have been developed by Paul and Tino Huet from Huet Brothers.

Starting in 2008, the HB Experience will travel through 12 different regions across Europe, including Spain, France, England, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

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