If you’re looking for a measuring stick in terms of producing some of the most provocative and compelling documentaries in television today, you can’t go wrong with HBO, especially after their latest creation, “The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant” was nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Documentary Short category.

Recounting the story of the abrupt closing of General Motors’ Moraine Assembly Plant, ‘The Last Truck’ takes viewers into a first-hand look on the effects the shutting down of the plant had on the workers and, to a greater extent, the entire community. After having promised that the plant would not shut down until after a few years, GM’s quick about-face – the company decided to shut down the plant last Dec. 23 - on the matter shocked the community and the employees, many of whom were given enough time to continue their jobs while also looking for better opportunities elsewhere.

If there’s one documentary that we’re going to urge you to watch, it’s this one. Not only does it paint a unique portrait on the lasting effects of the global financial crisis and all of its ramifications, but it also touches on the stories of all those people that thought they were given enough time to sort their jobs and priorities together, only to see the rug get pulled from them unexpectedly.


Source: HBO

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  (534) posted on 02.9.2010

The problems in the economy and the closing of that plant has really given a lot of people a hard time. I wonder what their ex employees has received and what they are doing now. The documentary seems really honest and I’d say that it should win the award.

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