• Hear the new Aston Martin Vantage Rev its V-8 Engine

It pops, it gurgles, and it’s plain awesome!

It’s been just a few days since Aston Martin rolled out the new-generation Vantage and we’re still in awe of the new coupe. The design is absolutely stunning to look at, the interior brings together traditional British design and modern tech, while the chassis and drivetrain make it a road-legal beast. I’m impressed with this car from just about every angle, but there’s one thing I’ve been dying to hear: it’s new V-8 engine roar. Granted, this won’t happen any time soon with the car still a few months away from hitting the roads, but the folks over at Vehicle Virgins found out that the new Vantage was just delivered to Aston Martin’s Beverly Hills dealership and went there to see it. And taped everything, including the car’s exhaust note, and put it on YouTube.

God, I love technology!

The 15-minute video documents the road to the dealerships and it’s pretty much a presentation of the car inside and out, but skip to the 12-minute mark and you’ll get some engine note goodness. That twin-turbo V-8 pops and gurgles like nothing else, and even though it’s based on the 4.0-liter unit in the Mercedes-AMG GT, it sounds way better. Unfortunately, there’s no high-speed revving footage because the car is placed inside a building, but it pretty obvious that this thing will sound fantastic while changing gears under heavy throttle on the highway. Hopefully, we’ll get some proper footage soon.


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