While filming an Audi commercial featuring the new "driverless" VW/Audi car named Shelly, an Aerospatiale helicopter crashed near the summit of the famed Pikes Peak Highway. The pilot, Jim Dirker, was severely injured, but is said to be in fair condition. The other three crew members were hurt, but are in stable condition and will be able to leave the hospital later today.

In an official statement the company said: "Audi is saddened by the helicopter incident that took place this morning near the summit of Pikes Peak. Today’s film crew was shooting a test run of the “Autonomous Audi TTS Pikes Peak,” a joint program involving Audi, the Electronic Research Laboratory in Palo Alto, California, and Stanford University. The goal of the project involves ascending Pikes Peak autonomously without a driver behind the wheel to demonstrate the capabilities of advanced driver assistance systems and GPS. The car was not involved in the incident."

"Further information on the helicopter incident will be released by the National Transportation Safety Board and local law enforcement officials. All research activities on Pikes Peak have been suspended. The research project will continue at a later date."

Let’s keep these folks in our thoughts today.


Source: KKTV

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  (276) posted on 06.17.2011

I wonder what causes that helicopter to crashed..is the driver’s fault or what? BTW, even if the car was involved still its harmless since this car is driveless vehicle.

  (530) posted on 06.17.2011

Well, I guess this news shouldn’t be in the car crash section since there’s no car involved in here. BTW, I wonder on what happen to the driver? And its good thing also that no civilian involved in the incident.

  (559) posted on 03.1.2011

some spy pictures are absolutely pointless as well as the commercial. All I see is an A8 with black rims and quad tailpipes, can anyone else spot any other difference? Regarding the engine my money would be on either the Gallardo v10 or a twin-turbo V8 or maybe they just get mad and put in the same engine of the future Lambo Jota.

  (399) posted on 03.1.2011

yes the car is great and it’s doing what it’s meant to do.. but there are no words on the specs and performance of the car.

  (745) posted on 11.22.2010

This is really odious but accidents really come unexpectedly.

  (205) posted on 10.28.2010

yeah, that was terrible wrong and may include as one of the mortal sins for the car lover out there..but it’s also wrong to give curse someone

  (1211) posted on 09.19.2010

Isn’t it ironic that the human controlled plane crash as the autonomous car drove up the peak?

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