Makes the Model 3 look like an electric touring car

RevoZport already provides kits to fit the Tesla Model S and Model X, but now they’ve launched one for the smaller Tesla Model 3 too. They call it the R-Zentric Model 3R Aerokit, and it is essentially a widebody aero kit for Tesla’s smallest offering, one that completely transforms how the EV sedan is perceived.

Help your Tesla Model 3 stand out with RevoZport widebody kit Exterior
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Don’t get me wrong - the Model 3 looks pretty good and quite sporty in standard form - but with this kit fitted, it starts to look more like a race car. Even its creators say it is “very much ‘the’ hottest of all of the Tesla body kits currently developed by the RevoZport design team.” Taking one glance at the modified Model 3 alongside their other two kits, we have to agree.

The fifteen-piece kit has components are made from carbon Kevlar composite and is comprised of a front splitter with side blades, extended side skirts, a big rear diffuser, extended front fenders and, an M3R GT spoiler in the back.

The car’s track width is extended by 15 millimeters and the company says that with the kit fitted, the car can accommodate 21-inch rims, like their own lightweight forged design you see on the car in the gallery (they’ve not been priced yet, but probably cost about as much as the entire kit).

Help your Tesla Model 3 stand out with RevoZport widebody kit Exterior
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You can already order the kit and have it either in gloss, matte, or “an exclusive RevoZport Forged Carbon finish,” and prices start from $9,500, not including the wheels.

The Model 3 definitely seems to wear this kit really well, and it grants Tesla’s smallest offering a much more aggressive visual edge - in standard form it almost looks cute, but with this kit fitted, the way it is perceived changes dramatically. One more thing it would need in order to complete the look is some form of suspension lowering and maybe a bit of aggressive front camber to really get that racing feel going.

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