Track will cost prospective buyer $2.7 million

Private drag strips don’t go up on sale too often, so when one hits the market, it’s a good thing to let people know about it. In case anybody’s interested, Hennessey Performance is selling its ownership of the Lonestar Motorsports park for a tidy sum of $2.7 million. The private drag strip is located right next to the company’s performance development facility in Sealy, Texas.

The performance center itself isn’t for sale as the company is reportedly planning to expand its vehicle production from the 400 units it builds annually to somewhere in the 1,000 range. The increase in production volume is tied into the potential sale of the drag strip.

As far as the strip itself is concerned, the entire facility is 55 acres in size and is highlighted by an IHRA-sanctioned quarter-mile drag strip. It has spectator grand stands with seating capacity for up to 800 people. It also has enclosed and air-conditioned concessions stands, staging lanes, a control tower, and timing equipment, among other things. Prospective buyers also have the option of buying another 70 acres, which could be used in expanding and turning the drag strip into an actual road racing course. Not surprisingly, the extra land comes with an additional cost.

Right now, Hennessey is still using the drag strip to test out its vehicles and even with a sale, stipulations are going to be put in place to ensure that the American automaker can still use the facility for testing even after it has been sold. Those who might have an eye towards actually buying the quarter-mile drag strip should be comforted to know that the strip is fully operational and has a calendar of events lineup every month.

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Why it matters

I wouldn’t necessarily count a private drag strip a priority on my “to-buy” list, but if there ever was an opportunity to buy one at a price that I thought would be affordable, then sure, why not, right? Sadly, I don’t have $2.7 million so any thought of me buying the Lodestar Motorsports drag strip is inconsequential. But if somebody did have the money and the passion for business and drag racing, then it could be something worth looking into.

I’m not too familiar with the business end of running a drag strip, but I don know a variety of purposes it could serve. Hennessy said that it already has events lined up so the money you spend buying it will have some movement already. That’s the good news. Less so is the stipulation that Hennessey could still use it for testing its cars. The automaker didn’t dive into the details of this arrangement, but if I’m buying this track, I’m going to negotiate some sort of lease agreement with the automaker every time they use the track. It makes sense to do that because if I fork over that much money, I’d want to keep money flowing into the track as often as I can. It only makes sense.

Apart from the business and financial implications of actually owning a drag strip, I think it’s awesome to just have one in your back-pocket anytime you want to go full throttle with whatever performance car you have. Can you imagine owning a fleet of sports cars and supercars and then having the perfect place to maximize their capabilities without having to worry about breaking any local or state laws? That’s one of the benefits that come with owning an actual drag strip. Come to think of it, I wish had that money now. Just thinking of the things I could do with one is already getting my imagination running. All I need now is $2.7 million and I should be gold.


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