We’re short of a month away from Christmas so we know that all of you are probably up to your necks with buying gifts for your loved ones. Never fear, we won’t ask for anything apart from your continued patronage.

But what we will do is provide some assistance on some cool gift ideas you can get for your family and friends, specifically that one dude that can’t seem to stop talking about cars.

Hennessey Performance Engineering, they of the Venom GT acclaim, has released their 2012 Performance Calendar. We can’t deny the coincidence of the release with the holiday season fast approaching so we’re just going to tell you that it’s a great present to give any gearhead that’s worth his automotive salt.

The calendar will feature some of the finest works that Hennessey has every created, not to mention its usefulness in telling you what the date is and what kind of activities or meetings you have in store for those days.

And for the affordable price of just $12.95, you can avail of this must-buy calendar. Whether you want one for yourself, or you’re thinking about giving it as a Christmas present, there are a few things in this world worth spending $13 on and this calendar is definitely one of them.


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