Hennessey Teases Six-Wheel-Drive Pure-Electric Hyper-GT

It comes with a special seat for the VVIP

Hennessey has some serious plans for the next 10 years. After it will finish with the production of the Venom F5, the company plans another three more models. The first one - codenamed ‘Project Deep Space’ - will be the world’s first six-wheel-drive, fully electric Hyper-GT. It will also be the world’s most expensive electric vehicle - with an estimated price of $3 million.

What will set apart the future Project Deep Space?

The sketch revealed by Hennessey kind of reminds us of the Koenigsegg Gemera and the McLaren Speedtail, and there is no wonder you see some McLaren influence in there. The project will feature a 1+2+1 layout - you know, similar to the McLaren F1, but with an extra, very large seat in the back.

In fact, it seems that the entire car has been designed around this rear seat.

According to Hennessey, this seat will be positioned directly behind the driver and will be reserved for the VVIP (Very Very Important Person).

It is a lie-flat automotive seat - similar to what you get when traveling on private jets.

Hennessey Teases Six-Wheel-Drive Pure-Electric Hyper-GT
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There are not many details available about the supercar just yet, but we do know it will be constructed with an ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber chassis and body panels, and will feature gullwing doors. The interior will be customized based on each customer’s desire, only with the highest quality materials.

The Hennessey "Project Deep Space" will be limited to only 105 units and will go into production in 2026.

“In Project Deep Space, we’ve merged the essence of early-twentieth century grand tourers with an otherworldly hyper GT form that leaves no doubt about its capability and intent,” says Hennessey Director of Design, Nathan Malinick. “Integrating many industry firsts, our next all-new model turns the EV ‘hypercar’ concept on its head while exhibiting our ‘art of reduction’ design philosophy. By combining Hennessey’s passion for performance with the pinnacle of automotive luxury, we will offer our customers the best of both worlds with a central driving position, ample space for passengers, room for luggage, and best in class performance. The result of our advanced development program will be a car like no other.”

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