• Henrik Fisker Design Unveils New Superyacht Concept

The man behind the Fisker Karma is taking his design talents to the high seas

Henrik Fisker made his reputation in the design community by being the eye behind the aesthetics of such cars like the Aston Martin DB9, BMW Z8, and the now-discontinued Fisker Karma electric car. The man’s design chops are certainly worth appreciating and in the years since, Fisker has added to his design portfolio with works like the VLF Destino, Force 1, and the Ford Mustang Rocket. He’s even branched out and designed motorcycles. But none of his past works come anywhere close to the sheer magnitude of his latest project: the Benetti Fisker 50 superyacht.

Yes, it’s a yacht, and a super one at that. The Benetti Fisker 50 superyacht is a result of a collaboration between the Danish designer and the Italian shipyard. It measures 164 feet long and is pegged to be built using materials like carbon fiber, reclaimed wood, and other items of the exotic variety. Fisker calls it a “new breed of luxury yacht” and judging by the kind of amenities it has, the man might even be restrained in his choice of words.

So, here’s the lowdown on the enormous, three-deck Benetti Fisker 50 superyacht. It has roof-mounted solar panels, reclaimed wood decks, a spacious salon, a top-deck lounge, swimming pool, sunbathing decks, and a “beach club” swim platform. It also has as many as six guest cabins and quarters for as many as 11 crew members. All of that and I still haven’t touched on the master suite, which is a whole new level of opulence on its own. Consider that this massive room comes with owns library, fold-down balcony, fireplace, starlight ceiling, walk-in closets, and a private staircase that leads to a private home theater.

In terms of power, the Benetti Fisker 50 is said to have the chops to travel at speeds of 15.5 knots or cover 4,000 nautical miles at 12 knots before needing to refuel. Hybrid power also comes as an option, something we ought to expect Fisker had something to do.

If your head hasn’t exploded yet, you’ll be comforted to know that owning a Benetti Fisker 50 superyacht comes with its own perils, especially to one’s bank account. Not that it matters to any of us, but according to Benetti, the cost of having one of these built amounts to about $37 million, or about the price of a baseball team’s worth of Ferrari LaFerraris.

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Why it matters

Henrik Fisker Design Unveils New Superyacht Concept
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You have to give it to Henrik Fisker. This is a man that has had his share of failures in the past and yet, none of those setbacks have come to define him. Instead, he’s soldiered on, working his way into the conversation as one of the most influential designers of his generation. We’ll always remember him for his work on the Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8. We’ll also remember him for the Fisker Karma, but that’s a different discussion altogether.

But now, Henrik Fisker is preparing to conquer a whole new market with the Benetti Fisker 50 superyacht. Obviously, the clientele here is far more exclusive than the ones he was used to in the auto industry. That much I can tell considering the amount of work and effort he put into designing the Fisker 50. Now I’ve been in the superyacht scene in the past, but I can say that I’m still no expert at it. Yet something about this design and his partnership with Benetti makes me believe that the Fisker 50 will be more than just a concept in the future. Someone with $37 million to spare will look at this concept and demand to have one built for him. I don’t know who that person is, but I think it’s going to happen sooner than later. If it does, consider the Fisker 50 the crowning achievement of Henrik Fisker’s career, at least until we get to see how the Force 1 supercar project comes about.

Speaking of which, I’m more excited to see that one because it’s a little closer to home for me. And more importantly, despite it’s million-dollar price tag, it would still be more affordable than the Fisker 50 superyacht. Either way, it’s a great career move for Fisker, as if he needed it in the first place.

Press Release

Entrepreneur and acclaimed international designer Henrik Fisker and influential global superyacht builder Benetti revealed the concept of a 50 meter – (164 feet) superyacht, Benetti "Fisker 50".

Henrik Fisker Design Unveils New Superyacht Concept
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Benetti and Fisker have worked on this partnership throughout 2015 to fully engineer the feasibility of this production-optimized superyacht. The yacht has been designed in California and will be built in Livorno using an existing platform by Benetti, at the heart of the Tuscan coastline.

The Benetti Fisker 50 is a new breed of luxury yacht that integrates a new concept developed by Benetti’s engineering team with Fisker’s dynamic sporty design that embodies flowing sculptural lines, a unique front view giving the yacht its own recognizable identity, use of black carbon fiber to accentuate graphics and an innovative, visually engaging layout connecting the yacht with the serenity of the ocean.

The front view of the superyacht is distinctive with three stainless steel bars, unique to the Benetti Fisker 50. It gives the yacht its own identity by being radical, imposing and powerful. The captain’s window is accentuated with a characteristic white dynamic line. This is one of the recognizable style attributes of the Benetti Fisker 50.

The exterior design shows a dynamic sporty side view with a strong feature line flowing from the front to the rear on all three decks. The flowing lines are inspired by a perfect regressing wave, creating the visual of a sensual "rear" hip sweeping up like a wave. The yacht shows sculpture and proportions throughout, with a powerful sporty statement in motion. Extended carbon fiber shark fins give the yacht an aerodynamic and smooth appearance, and allow the functionality of incorporating lights to illuminate the ocean at night.

The superyacht offers ultimate luxury living on each of the decks. Every room is designed to enjoy optimized ocean views in extreme comfort and luxury. Onboard amenities include a beach club, spa, several bars, an ocean-facing Jacuzzi, sunbathing areas on multiple decks and water toys such as jetski’s and a 6.5-meter tender. A future owner will welcome 12 guests in six cabins, looked after by 11 crew members with comfortable staff quarters.

The main deck has a reception area with a seating and a bar facing the port. It incorporates a large living room with seating for 12 people, and a bar with chairs facing the ocean with floor to ceiling glass walls that slide open to enjoy the ocean breeze. At the end of the main deck is the master suite, starting with a library/office, bedroom and bathroom, all with generous ocean views. The master bedroom features a retractable "fold down" ocean-view terrace and is equipped with a fireplace, a royal bed, minibar, a huge curved TV and starlight ceiling. It ends with his/hers walk-in closets. A large inviting staircase leads to the upper deck.

The upper deck features a movie theater with a large screen and comfortable, reclining beds. During the day, half of the area can be converted into a gym by sliding back the middle beds and removing the chairs. The cinema accommodates 12 people, allowing all guests to enjoy a relaxing evening.

The sun deck includes a rear-facing relaxing area, a dining table, a bar and a dual-use fire pit or enlarged ice bucket in the center of a circular sitting area, all for twelve guests.

Henrik Fisker Design Unveils New Superyacht Concept
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The yacht exterior has a dramatic body using lightweight carbon fiber accents, reclaimed wood, integrated solar panels and optional hybrid power. Advanced solar panels with a unique graphic for aesthetics, provide ambient deck lighting, using solar power stored during the day. At night, hidden ambient lights mounted on the carbon fiber wings provide light from stored solar power. The interior features advanced and sustainable materials, and state-of-the-art technology for automated controls and optimal power management.

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