Is Henrik Fisker Smarter than all the guys over at Toyota? Maybe…

Henrik Fisker may not have the best track record as far as success goes, but you’ve got to hand it to the man for having an incredible reach and drive, for that matter. It can be hard to believe what the man puts out there sometimes. Take his new battery, for instance. We’re talking about 500 miles in range, one-minute charging times, and even better cold-weather conductivity. Well, it’s time to start believing him. He’s joined the fight to build a usable solid-state battery alongside even global brands like Toyota and, where Toyota sees plenty of struggle, Fisker is elbow deep in lithium putting in the work himself, as evidenced by a tweet of him holding a massive, but light, core of Lithium metal – the barebone of juice for every electric car on the road today. But that’s not all. Fisker scientists have apparently produced samples of solid-state bulk that can deliver 2.5 times the energy and works as low as -31 degrees Fahrenheit. See that bulk sample, the first battery label, and the infamous image of the man himself holding up that Lithium metal below.

A Strong Middle Finger to the Battery Industry

Obviously lightweight… or maybe he’s much stronger than he looks… Seriously, though. He’s not Iron Man or Hercules – this stuff is really light. On a second thought, one could argue that our man Fisker is actually giving the middle finger to the rest of the battery industry, don’t you think?

The Future of Battery Tech? We Think YES!

Pretty crazy to think that something like this will propel us into the future, huh?

Just Listen to What the Label Says…

Okay, Folks. If you see a Fisker Solid State Battery, don’t try to puncture, disassemble, or crush – you’ll definitely have a bad time. Besides, the crazy brains at Toyota can’t even figure these things out, so what makes you think you can take it apart hmm?


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