Premium electric sedan with 400-mile range tabbed to be firm’s first model

Henrik Fisker is a man of many talents, but based on his track record, owning a car company might not be one of them. Still, the man who sent Fisker Automotive to bankruptcy is giving this whole business of brand ownership another shot with the establishment of Fisker, Inc., a new startup that’s already making some ambitious promises. Oh, Mr. Fisker, your bravado has been missed.

The famed automotive designer responsible for past beauties like the BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9, and V8 Vantage isn’t being conservative about his intentions for Fisker, Inc. Oh, no. He’s diving straight into the deep end of the pool with plans to develop a luxury EV sedan that will boast a 400-mile battery range, enough to make the Tesla Model S bury its head in the sand. Whether he ends up being successful in this endeavor is another matter entirely, but he’s certainly not coming up short on promises since he already has another model in consideration: a compact EV sedan that will go head-to-head with the Tesla Model 3.

His new Fisker, Inc. company even has a subsidiary already in Fisker Nanotech, a battery company that will be charged to supply the batteries that Fisker claims uses graphene to “extend its range and life and reducing charging time.”

Details on how he plans to accomplish, let alone fund and execute this new plan are still scarce, but in an interview with Bloomberg, Fisker said that the company has been working in “stealth mode” over the past two years and has since developed a technology that “nobody else has.”

It looks good on paper, but now Fisker is on the clock to deliver the goods in ways his old company couldn’t.

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Better to wait and see on what Fisker, Inc. does from here

For the record, we’re not against Henrik Fisker. We’re actually big fans of the guy for his design prowess. He’s a heavyweight figure in the industry and his contributions are by no means being shortchanged. But we also can’t get past what happened with Fisker Automotive. Regardless of what happened there that led to it being sold to the Chinese Wanxiang Group, the company failed in many regards.

That’s something that we can’t get away from when talking about Fisker. Him being his usual boisterous self and making all these promises so early in the game is probably not the smartest thing to do either. In effect, he’s already raising the pressure and expectations for this new company that I don’t think is going to do him and favors. Personally, I don’t think Fisker is making a comeback for the sake of making one. I think he really does have serious plans for Fisker, Inc. He didn’t mention where he’s getting funding for it or how far along the projects are at this point, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in those cases. I just want to see positive results this time around, the kind that builds back the confidence a lot of people lost in him.

So I’m going to keep a close eye on Fisker Inc and see where it goes from here. Hopefully, it succeeds where Fisker Automotive failed and we finally get to see the famed auto designer live up to his promise of being a bonafide car manufacturer too. The current landscape of electric cars is wide open. Now it’s time to see if Henrik Fisker can finally take a bite off of it.

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Source: Bloomberg

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