New graphene batteries will also be offered in varying capacities

Fisker Inc’s return to the automotive scene has been met with plenty of curiosity, mostly centering around the first model the company is preparing. We don’t have much information about the car other than a few teasers released by Henrik Fisker himself, but now we may have the first significant feature of the model and it’s a doozy. According Car Buzz, Fisker Inc’s new pride and joy will not only boast electric power, it’s also getting fitted with Level 5 autonomy, making it a true direct competitor to the Tesla Model S.

The autonomous technology is reportedly going to be an optional feature, but Fisker is preparing the car to have the radar sensors come as standard with the help of suppliers Mobileye and Bosch. It’s still unclear how far along Fisker is in the development of the tech, but since it’s not going at it alone like Tesla is, the timetable will likely come down to how far along Mobileye and Bosch are in coming up with a usable system.

While autonomous driving will be one of the model’s most significant features, it’s far from the only one. According to Fisker, the four-door EV sedan will also feature “top performance and top level technology” as it relies on new graphene batteries that Fisker Nanotech is helping develop to get the numbers it needs to be competitive to the Model S. No mention was made on the power range of these new batteries, but given how Fisker identified Tesla’s flagship sedan as its main competition, it’s incumbent upon this new model to at least have an average of 500 horsepower.

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It’s a promising start if Fisker Inc. can live up to expectations

It’s completely understandable for Fisker Inc. to try to get as much buzz and hype about its electric sedan before its supposed launch, which is expected to happen in the coming days, by the way. Since the new company has been reluctant in shedding concrete details about the car ahead of the launch, we’re left with trying to figure out what to make of it. Well, consider this report about the model receiving Level 5 autonomy as the first indication of what we can expect from Fisker Inc.

Autonomous driving technology is an important feature for the car to have, especially if it’s going to go up against the Tesla Model S. The question now is how far along Fisker’s suppliers are in the development of the technology. Fisker indicated that the technology will be optional in the model, which might turn into a good strategy considering that a lot of people are still wavering on the usefulness of the tech and they might be more inclined to get a model that doesn’t shove the tech down their throats. Get it if you want, or don’t get it if you don’t want to. That’s a strategy that could work for Fisker as long as it can develop a system that will at least be comparable to what Tesla is developing on its own.

For now, I like what I’m seeing and hearing about this new EV sedan from Fisker Inc. I’d appreciate it more if more details become available, but considering how important this model is for a company’s that just getting back on its feet, I don’t mind playing the waiting game a little while longer.

Source: Car Buzz

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