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Earlier this month, Henrik Fisker announced that he was launching Fisker Incan all-new car company that will (hopefully) be more successful than the original Fisker Automotive that bankrupt years back. As part of the announcement, Fisker claimed that he was working on an all-new “luxury EV sedan” that will boast a 400-mile range and take on the Tesla Model S. There are also plans for a compact EV sedan to take on the Tesla Model 3. It’s really hard to take Fisker’s word for it considering the way his first car company failed so badly, but Fisker recently posted a teaser image on Twitter, and it looks like we should probably take the man seriously.

As is the usual case with teaser images, we can’t get the whole picture, but the car is boasting butterfly doors in the front and rear. The roof looks to slope downward fairly gently, similar to that of the new Porsche Panamera. Ahead of the front doors, there could be a small fender vent, but with the doors open and the picture shadowed it’s hard to tell – that could simply be the opening in the body for the front door. To the front, it looks like the front fascia is as dominating as the front wheel arches. There are two small wings on the fascia just ahead of the front wheels and an LED strip accenting the fenders.

Fisker claims that this new EV will be a “spiritual successor” to the Karma and from what we can see, that could be the case. The front and rear overhangs are a little shorter than that of the original Karma, but this car certainly has an elegant silhouette against that sunset. IT does look like the car will ride rather low to the ground and sport large wheels with thin tires. The rear taillights also look to come in LED form. Fisker claims that more will be announced next week, so stay tuned for updates.

Why it Matters

Henrik Fisker hasn’t exactly had the best run at things, but it seems like a lot of people have the wrong idea about it. Fisker didn’t steer Fisker Automotive into bankruptcy. The faulty batteries he used, from A123, is what sent the original company into bankruptcy as A123 wanted its contract with Fisker Automotive and the bill for the failed batteries to be void as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. As you can imagine, things went downhill from there, and Fisker Automotive eventually went under. With that said, a lot of people are skeptical about Fisker Inc, assuming that Henrik Fisker is just going to fail again. It’s always possible, but Henrik Fisker is a brilliant man, and I suspect he will be quite successful with this new company – assuming, of course, that he is very mindful of who he gets into bed with as far as part suppliers go.

Source: Twitter - Henrik Fisker

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