The year 2007 starts for Mercedes-Benz with a highlight the world premiere of the new C-Class in the Mercedes World in Stuttgart. The press conference will be attended by some 600 journalists from around the world . Following the event various text and photo materials relating to the new C-Class will also be available along with pictures of the world premiere.

Here it is-Mercedes C-Class
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But we have some pics alerady.Here are another series of pictures with the German sedan,including a shot with the powerful AMG-version.
From wath we know the 2008 C-Class has grown in dimensions (+55 mm in length, +42 mm in width, +45 mm in height) and now looks like a smaller version of the S-Class and also like the CL. The new C-Class gets an upgraded 4cylinder engine range (petrol & diesel) while its V6 range is unchanged.

We offer also a range of possible engines.

  •  C180K 156Hp (up from 143Hp)
  •  C200K 184Hp (up from 163Hp)
  •  C230 V6 204Hp
  •  C280 V6 231Hp
  •  C350 V6 272Hp
  •  C200 CDI 136Hp (up from 122Hp)
  •  C220 CDI 170Hp (up from 150Hp)
  •  C320 CDI 224Hp

Wait for more on the 2008 C-Class after the car will be launched officialy in the press conference from 7:00 CET.

Here it is-Mercedes C-Class
- image 140558
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