• Here’s a 1985 Dodge RamCharger Prospector That’ll Make You Forget Your Itch for an Old-School Land Cruiser or Bronco

Now’s probably the best time to buy a classic RamCharger Prospector before prices of the vintage SUV go through the roof

A 1985 Dodge RamCharger Prospector is available at Barrett Jackson’s auction in Scottsdale, Arizona this weekend. Regarded as perhaps the best-kept secret in the world of vintage trucks and SUVs, the RamCharger Prospector’s status is expected to blow up as prices for old Broncos, Land Cruisers, and Wagoneers become unattainable. Fortunately, the RamCharger Prospector can be still had at affordable prices, including this fine 1985 model that only has 7,563 original miles under its belt. There’s no reserve price attached to this particular piece, so it’s going to be sold to the highest bidder regardless of the final price. If you can score this burgeoning collector’s item, you could be ahead of the game in the quest for 1985 RamCharger Prospectors that are still, at the very least, in good running condition.

Here's a 1985 Dodge RamCharger Prospector That'll Make You Forget Your Itch for an Old-School Land Cruiser or Bronco
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For those who are still skeptical of the vintage SUV scene, it’s time to put the doubts away and start believing the hype. Classic 4x4s are all the rage these days, and it’s only going to get hotter in the coming years. Go ahead and try to score a good condition Toyota Land Cruiser from the 1960s or a Ford Bronco from the 1980s. You’ll probably still be able to afford them, but their prices these days are nowhere near where they were a few years ago. Trust me on this one, too: these prices are trending north.

That’s precisely the reason why this 1985 Dodge RamCharger Prospector (VIN# 1B4GD12W9FS581566), despite appearances, is a must-get at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, which kicks off this weekend.

According to its listing, the RamCharger Prospector only has 7,563 miles on it.

That mileage is remarkably low, especially for an SUV that was meant to be driven until the wheels come off.

Here's a 1985 Dodge RamCharger Prospector That'll Make You Forget Your Itch for an Old-School Land Cruiser or Bronco
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It was purchased as a brand-new model back in January 1985, and in 34 years, it’s only switched hands once when the original owner sold it to its second owner in 2004. Since then, the RamCharger Prospector has been maintained properly and used sparingly.

It still features the factory-original 5.9-liter V-8 engine that produced 193 horsepower and 285 pound-feet of torque at the time of its release.

The factory-original A-230 three-speed automatic transmission is also still in the car, as are the factory-original air-conditioning unit and the factory-original rims.

A vehicle of this condition doesn’t come up a lot; that’s a credit to its owner, who, according to the auction house, kept the SUV in the garage and serviced it religiously. In fact, this specific RamCharger Prospector has been refreshed and detailed like most modern show cars. Heck, it’s even wearing the same two-tone Cream and Gold body finish that it came with when it rolled out of Dodge’s production facility over three decades ago.

Here's a 1985 Dodge RamCharger Prospector That'll Make You Forget Your Itch for an Old-School Land Cruiser or Bronco
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Step inside the SUV and you’ll see that all the interior materials and equipment are factory-original, as well. The gold vinyl surface is as striking today as it was 30 years ago. The same thing goes for the cloth interior, soft trim, and chrome treatments throughout the interior. IN the event you win this ride and you want to take it out to town, you’ll be happy to know that it’s also equipped with power steering and functioning brakes. It also comes with cruise control, power windows, and its original AM/FM stereo and speakers.

At this point, the big question is how much should we expect this 1985 Dodge RamCharger Prospector to go for at Barrett-Jackson’s auction?

I looked up similar online listings of 1980s Dodge RamChargers, and the price range for similar-condition models goes from $20,000 to $30,000.

That’s good news for a lot of vintage SUV collectors because the price is still somewhat attainable for a model of its stature. If you’re itching to make a bid ahead of its date under the hammer at Barrett-Jackson, you can do so at Hemmings, the world’s largest collector car marketplace. At the moment, there are still no bids on this 1985 RamCharger Prospector. Rest assured, though. Those bids will come flying once people realize that they could still get their hands on one what could be the next-big-thing in the vintage SUV collector’s scene.

Here's a 1985 Dodge RamCharger Prospector That'll Make You Forget Your Itch for an Old-School Land Cruiser or Bronco
- image 813235

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Source: Barrett Jackson

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