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Here’s A Compilation Of Every Car Commercial You’ll Be Seeing During The 2022 Super Bowl

From Nissan to BMW, here are all the car commercials that have been revealed ahead of the Super Bowl scheduled for 13th February

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The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year and companies spend a lot on advertisements. At this point, it’s kind of become a tradition, and even car companies don’t shy away from spending big bucks on commercials. Last year, Jeep stole our hearts with ‘The Middle’ ad, and the year before that, GMC brought out the ‘Quite Revolution’ in the form of the reincarnated Hummer – with a new spirit, of course.

This year, automakers have been a little more proactive and many of them have come out with Super Bowl commercials. The 56th American Football Championship is scheduled for 13th February, and here are the car commercials that are already released:


BMW has got to be the showstopper and instead of coming out last, we decided to put it first in our list. The ad stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek as Greek lords, Zeus and Hera. Zeus and Hera retire from their ‘Godly’ duties and move from Mount Olympus Palm Springs, California. The retirement, as expected, came with a twist and Zeus found it hard to handle supposedly modern gadgets like a microwave oven or even controlling the light switches; which is pretty ironic.

Hera then gets a BMW iX and this cheers the frustrated Zeus. They go on a drive while rocking to ‘Electric Avenue’. Zeus even turns all the traffic lights green while driving because… well, because he can! The ad ends with Hera smiling at the camera. There was a nice little disclaimer when Zeus and Hera were driving – “Immortal professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt”

There was another teaser featuring Matty Cardarople and Arnold Schwarzenegger before the final ad came out.

Toyota Tundra

Toyota’s short clips revolve around the ‘Jones’ theme. The company has casted three Jones’ in its ads – Tommy Lee Jones, Leslie Jones, and Rashida Jones. The first of the three clips shows Tommy Lee Jones in his cowboy hat when another Tundra, a TRD Pro model, parks next to his black truck at a crossroad. Tommy then switches to Sport mode and says ‘Game On’.

We get to know in the next ad that the person driving the other Tundra is Leslie Jones. She takes a dig at Tommy when she says “I’m going to make a grown man cry” and then laughs. The third teaser shows Rashida Jones joining Tommy and Leslie in her Tundra. She goes through some slush that flies onto Leslie’s truck and exclaims ‘Oops’. She then drives away to bring an end to the third 15-second clip.

General Motors

GM came out with a 90-second clip that features the Evil (more like EV-il) family from the ‘Austin Powers’ franchise. They take over General Motors but come to a realization that Dr. Evil is the number two threat (there’s a clever ‘Number Two’ character wordplay here) to the world and climate change is number one. So, they decide to eliminate the climate change problem and then become the number one threat to the world again. There are quite a few references from the actual franchise, like Frau yelling, Scott and his daddy issues, and Number Two being the typical Number Two with his observations. Nice touches overall that add a tinge of nostalgia to the commercial.

Kia EV6

Kia’s ad is perhaps the most adorable of the lot. It’s about a robo dog chasing a Kia EV6 in a bid to get adopted (or is mesmerized by the EV6 – we don’t blame the doggo for it!). He chases the EV6 for a long time, and when he’s finally about to take a long jump to reach it, the battery dies. The owner of the EV6 then charges the robo dog with his car (Kia subtly showcases the EV6’s Vehicle-to-Load function). The dog opens its eyes and they cut to it riding around with its new owner in the EV6.

Nissan Z

The Nissan commercial stars Eugene Levy, Brie Larson, Dave Bautista, Danai Gurira, and Catherine O’Hara. Brie hands Eugene keys to the new Z. He fumbles to shift the gears when starting off (#SaveTheManuals!) and passes by his Schitt’s Creek co-star, Moira Rose… err., Catherine O’Hara, who’s driving a Nissan Ariya.

Within a few seconds, he turns into an action hero for a Hollywood movie called ‘Thrill Driver’. The most notable scene of the “movie” is Levy catching a flying Dave Bautista in his Z and not spilling his coffee. Eugene Levy with long hair is a whole mood in itself! Anyway, they then cut to the part when the movie is being premiered and is met with a thunderous ovation. When they walk out Larson takes the keys of the Nissan Ariya from Levy’s hands and says “I’ll drive”. Some star cast in this ad!


Polestar had a very subtle post on its Instagram profile that, in a way, took a dig at the other automakers. It will be coming up with an ad that will be telecasted directly at the Super Bowl. This is Polestar’s first time at the mega event and we can’t wait to see what the ad will be about. To leave a mark, the company could use this major platform to give us some more idea about the Polestar 3.

Here’s are a couple of other 2022 Super Bowl car commercials that will be aired:




Which is your favorite Super Bowl commercial this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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