• Here’s A Rare Look Into How Bare The Inside of a Tesla Model 3 Pikes Peak Racer Is

The laws of physics still apply to EVs

Alright, there’s no hiding from the fact that Teslas are super fast in a straight line. But taking your Tesla Model 3 to a drag race and enlisting it at Pikes Peak are two very different dishes.

Pikes Peak is one of, if not the most dangerous motorsports competitions. So you don’t just show up in a high-powered, light-as-a-feather car and race up the mountain, but you also need to take the road condition into account (smooth asphalt is a commodity there) as well as the possibility of flying off a cliff.

Enter the Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Pikes Peak

At a quick glance, the only stock component we can spot inside the cockpit is the steering wheel. The rest is a mix of Mad Max vibes and motorsport-specific gear: roll cage, carbon-fiber-shell racing seats, no panels, trim or amenities whatsoever, and a lot of exposed metal.

This is all part of Unplugged Performance’s package called Ascension-R. It’s priced at $35,000 - which makes it as expensive as a stock Model 3. Here’s a rundown of its components:

  • Suspension: UP race coilovers, adjustable front upper control arms, adjustable billet rear toe arms, billet rear camber arms, and sway bars (in competition spec in the rear)
  • Brakes and wheels: rear competition brake pads, Motul 660 brake fluid, Yokohama A052R 315/30ZR18, titanium lug nuts
  • Interior: Ascension-R racing bucket seat, UP x Williams FIA harness
  • Aero: Ascension front diffuser, wide fenders, side skirts, rear bumper & rear diffuser, trunk spoiler, GT wing
Here's A Rare Look Into How Bare The Inside of a Tesla Model 3 Pikes Peak Racer Is
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In case you were wondering how all these tweaks amount as far as the Model 3’s abilities are concerned, here’s a video of Randy Pobst (yes, he’s going to race on August 30 in the Exhibition Class) hooning the Unplugged Performance Model 3 during the first day of qualifying, at the end of which he posted a time of 4:12.429 by running almost flat out throughout the entire course.

Sadly, Randy crashed the Model 3 around the Bottomless Pit corner because of the poor quality of the asphalt, but he’s determined to race on Sunday and we can only hope the team of mechanics can patch up the car in due time. Fingers crossed!

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