Here’s How the Ford Ranger Will Look if it Is Built by Other Automakers

Audi should probably build a truck based on the Ranger - it would probably be better than the failure that was the Mercedes X-Class

Ever since its official launch everyone agreed that the new generation Ford Ranger is quite a departure from the old Ranger. While its design is not a huge improvement over what we were used with, the new Ranger is fresh and its Maverick inspired look fits it very well.

But what if the new Ranger design will inspire a few other trucks?

We already knew that the new Ranger’s platform will also be used to build the new generation Volkswagen Amarok, but what if its design will be used to inspire a few more truck from the VAG alliance? After all, Ford and Volkswagen recently became partners in crime! Well, their partnership is for commercial vehicles, autonomous technology and electric vehicles, but you can never know!

Youtuber user theottle imagined how trucks from Seat, Skoda, and Audi will look like with Ranger inspired look. So, what do you think, should the three makers enter the mid-size pickup truck market?

Here's How the Ford Ranger Will Look if it Is Built by Other Automakers
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Or what if, after giving us the Bentayga, Bentley will also come with a pickup truck?

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