Is the Hummer EV really a formidable opponent for Rivan or is GMC just blowing smoke?

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The all-new Hummer EV SUV is here, and it’s really impressive, but there are some things about it that just beg the question “why”? Keep reading to find out what the all-electric Hummer SUV is all about.

And first thing’s first, the eco-minded people of the 90’s and noughties should now sleep peacefully, knowing that their most-hated vehicle of all time, the Hummer, is becoming all-electric. So basically it’s a win-win situation, for them and GM.

Hummer EV SUV - Less Power, Less Range

But anyway, I’m here to tell you that GMC is, for some reason, under equipping the new electric SUV, compared to the pick-up, at least. Available in the same four trim levels as the truck, the SUV has a starting price of $80,000 for the base EV2 variant, and it goes all the way up to $106,000 for the top of the line Edition 1. he cheapest version offers over 250 miles of range, and the more expensive trims give 300+ miles on a single charge, with the exception of the Edition 1 with the Extreme Off-Road Package, which has a range of over 280 miles.

And here’s the problem - with similar prices, the pick-up has a maximum range of over 350 miles, so 50 miles more than the equivalent SUV, and there’s also the issue of power.

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Not that the maximum 830 horsepower is insufficient, but the pickup gets up to 1,000 horsepower, so my question is why?

Trying to Undercut Its Rivals

How Does the Rivian R1S Compete with the Tesla Model X? Exterior
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The closest I came to a reasonable answer is that GM wants to undercut all its rivals - real or unreal. So with the pickup, it has to be better than the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T, while in the SUV scenario, it has to beat the Rivian R1S. It may also be a packaging thing, with the pickup being slightly longer than the SUV, and so with more room for batteries.

It’s Not All That Different

GMC Unveils The 2024 Hummer EV SUV Exterior Wallpaper quality High Resolution
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Anyway, the all-new Hummer EV SUV comes with the same interior, features and face as the pick-up. In other words, you can get the awesome Infinity Roof with removable sky panels that can be stored in the frunk, and the same 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, 13.4-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system, and Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system.

The Edition 1 has a tri-motor powertrain that makes up to 830 horsepower and 11,500 pounds foot, which enables the SUV to accelerate from zero to sixty in about 3.5 seconds, while range is estimated at over 300 miles. With the optional Extreme off-road package though, the maximum range is slightly lower, at 280 miles.

GMC Unveils The 2024 Hummer EV SUV Exterior High Resolution
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Next in line is the 3X, which has the same powertrain as the Edition 1, but loses some of the bells and whistles and has a lower base price of $100,000. Another variant, the 2X, starts at $90,000 and features a dual motor powertrain that makes a total of 625 horsepower and 7,400 pounds foot, and offers a maximum range of over 300 miles.

The cheapest GMC Hummer SUV will be called the 2 and will start at $80,000s. This will come with two electric motors with a combined power output of 625 horsepower and 7,400 pounds foot.

EV2 EV2X EV3X EV Edition 1 EV Edition 1 with Extreme Off-road Package
Range (miles) 250+ 300+ 300+ 300+ 280+
Horsepower Up to 625 Up to 625 Up to 830 Up to 830 Up to 830
Torque (lb-ft) Up to 7,400 Up to 7,400 Up to 11,500 Up to 11,500 Up to 11,500
0-60 mph N/A N/A ~3.5s ~3.5s ~3.5s
Motors Two motors Two motors Three motors Three motors Three motors
Battery 16-module 20-module 20-module 20-module 20-module
DC Fast-charging  400v 800v/300kW 800v/300kW 800v/300kW 800v/300kW
Price $79,995 $89,995 $99,995 $105,595 $110,595
Availability Spring 2024 Spring 2023 Spring 2023 Early 2023 Early 2023
Here's How the GMC Hummer EV Will Challenge Rivian Exterior High Resolution
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But the biggest difference between this and all the other trim levels is that it features 400-volt charging and a smaller battery pack that offers 250+ miles of range. However, customers will be able to upgrade to the same 800-volt charging technology and larger battery pack with 300+ miles of range as the other variants.

Crab walk is still there, as is the Extract Mode, but a big design difference is the spare tire fitted on the rear door, just like on the Jeep Wrangler. And now for availability. Production will reportedly start in early 2023 for the Edition 1 model, with the 2X and 3X scheduled for Spring of 2023, while the cheapest version will be available in Spring of 2024. That’s three years from now!

Hummer EV SUV On Sale Date

Here's How the GMC Hummer EV Will Challenge Rivian Exterior Wallpaper quality High Resolution
- image 981005

Even the Edition 1 is still two years away, and a lot can happen until then - even the Cybertruck could make a production appearance, and the Rivian R1S will already be on sale for two years. So what do you think about the all-new GMC Hummer EV SUV? Will it be worth the wait and price premium compared to a Rivian, which is at least 10,000 dollars cheaper? Let me know in the comments below.

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