• Here’s How the Retro-Styled Honda E Holds Up Against the Classic Civic

The Honda e has future classic written all over it

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Honda likes to play a lot with heritage when it comes to what its cars look like. The Japanese brand also did quite a neat job in feeling the recent rise in awareness and love for classic cars and cleverly styled the Honda e EV accordingly.

We must admit, seeing the nippy electric car next to the original Honda Civic not only makes us want the EV even more, but also realize just how many retrolicious cues went into it in the first place.

Respect your elders, the Honda way

The year was 1973 when the Civic was brought by Honda in the US of A. Naturally, it was completely different than what the American car customer had been seeing in showrooms, but the recipe worked.

And speaking of recipe, the Civic came to do battle against the likes of Chevy Vega and Pinto with a transversely-mounted 1169-cc four-cylinder with 50 horsepower bolted to a four-speed manual.

Here's How the Retro-Styled Honda E Holds Up Against the Classic Civic
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And again, it worked, because the Civic was about simplicity that never disappointed, even though the 0-60 sprint done in 15.1 seconds and the 90-mph top speed weren’t exactly something to write home about.

Fast forward to the present day and Honda’s electrification ambitions have given birth to a cute EV known simply as the Honda e. And it’s not until you put it next to the OG Civic that you realize just how much it takes after its great-great-great-greeeat-grandfather. Rounded headlights on a blacked-out grille? Checked. Hatchback body? Of course. Modern retro interior? You bet.

Here's How the Retro-Styled Honda E Holds Up Against the Classic Civic
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Unfortunately, the Honda e won’t be arriving on U.S. soil (for now) which is kind of painful, because it would be an amazing nod back to the original Civic as well as an interesting buy for quite some customers, we believe, despite the fact that small cars aren’t and weren’t the favorite meal of the American car buyer.

So, before Honda makes a move in this regard, CarPervert’s video will keep us soothed and happy.

Honda e specifications
Honda E Base Honda E Advance
Engine Type BEV BEV
Driven Wheels RWD RWD
Transmission Type Automatic single speed Fixed Reduction Gear Automatic single speed Fixed Reduction Gear
Electric Motor Max Power 143 HP 152 HP
Electric Motor Max Torque 232 LB-FT 232 LB-FT
0 → 62 mph (seconds) 9 8.3
Max Speed (mph) 90 90
All-electric range (WLTP) 138 miles 138 miles

Source: CarPervert

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