It will be the most powerful Aventador yet!

Lamborghini’s Squadra Corse racing division is about to unleash its second bespoke model. Following last year’s introduction of the SC18 Alston, Squadra Corse is working on a track-only suspercar. It’s also based on the Aventador and the first teaser gives us a glimpse at some of the details.

Lambo’s answer to the Ferrari FXX program

Here's That Teaser of the Track-Only Aventador-Based Super Car that Lamborghini is Working On
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So why is Squadra Corse building a hardcore Aventador for the track? Well, word has it the Italian firm wants to offer a track-only supercar similar to those developed by Ferrari through the FXX program. At least that’s what a member on the McLaren Life forums claimed in October when he reportedly previewed a beefed-up Aventator for track use. It described it as "Lamborghini’s version of FXX" and claimed that it will carry an "SVR" badge, while production will be limited to only 40 units.

What do we know so far?

Here's That Teaser of the Track-Only Aventador-Based Super Car that Lamborghini is Working On
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The track-only supercar doesn't look much like an Aventador

The flashing images from the short teaser video reveal quite a few details about this mysterious car. For starters, it will have a very aggressive design. Actually, it doesn’t look much like the Aventador at all. The front end is much cleaner, and it doesn’t even have headlamps. It’s also decidedly more angular, almost as if it was based on the iconic Countach. The lower section features a deep grille and a massive carbon-fiber splitter at the bottom that extends in front of the nose.

The profile is just as radical. While the canopy-style roof reminds me of the Aventador, the shape of the windows is different. What’s more, the regular side panels are now covered by aero elements that mimic the side pods of Formula One cars. The side mirrors are mounted further away from the body, just like on prototype race cars, while the rear fenders are a radical departure from any Lambo road car. A massive carbon-fiber wing and a race-spec diffuser round off the aerodynamic updates.

The car in the teaser is finished in a bright shade of green and features black accents. It also features the already familiar "63" graphics that celebrate the year when Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the company.

It will be the most powerful Aventador yet!

Here's That Teaser of the Track-Only Aventador-Based Super Car that Lamborghini is Working On
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Lambo has already confirmed that this track beast will boast the iconic 6.5-liter V-12 under the hood. The naturally aspirated mill will generate 830 PS (818 horsepower). That’s 59 horsepower more than the Aventador SVJ and 88 horses more than the standard Aventador S. It will also feature a race-spec, six-speed Xtrac sequential transmission and a bespoke limited-slip differential. Expect this car to hit 62 mph at least a tenth-second quicker than the SVJ. The latter needs 2.8 seconds to get there, so the track-only Aventador should reach the benchmark in 2.7 clicks or less.

The SVR will most likely debut sometime in November 2019 with deliveries to kick off in late 2020 or even 2021.

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