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BMW is on a roll these days. Having launched the Z4 M40i just last week, the German automaker is now testing the convertible prototype of the new 8 Series under different conditions. The 8 Series is undoubtedly the most luxurious offering from the BMW lineup, so it was only logical for the company to explore the same formula in a different avatar. In 2019, along with the Convertible, BMW plans to launch a Gran Coupe version of the 8 Series as well.

2019 BMW 8 Series Cabrio Official Photos

Here's The 2020 BMW 8 Series Cabrio in Prototype Form
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The 8 Series Convertible was taken to numerous places for multiple tests. BMW even took it for a spin on the roads between Las Vegas and Death Valley. The main reason was to see if the car’s mechanicals and its ‘creature comforts’ can survive under extreme weather conditions. The car was driven through National Park in the Mojave Desert for an acid test of a special kind in heat and extreme dryness, and also let it stand under the blazing sun while the engineers checked the sensors, cameras, electronics, etc. The testing happened in temperatures exceeding 122 degrees Farenheight.

BMW took the Convertible to the Hoover Dam to check if the electronics can withstand the strong electro-magnetic waves from the hydro-power plant turbines.

The car was also tested in tight traffic condition on the Las Vegas Strip. Being a convertible, the challenges faced are a level up when compared to closed-roof cars. The car was taken to Death Valley for the dust-proof test and its soft-top roof mechanism as well. For cold condition testing, the 8 Series convertible was taken to the Winter Testing Center in Arjeplog. Looks like BMW wants to leave no stone unturned with the Convertible. Any other test remaining that you can think of?

About the 8 Series

Here's The 2020 BMW 8 Series Cabrio in Prototype Form
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The BMW 8 Series is undoubtedly a looker. It was launched in the 90’s and struck a chord with the customers back then, which prompted for its reincarnation 20 years later.

The new 8 Series Convertible will get the same 4.4-liter, V-8 engine from the Coupe, that produces 523 horses and 553 pound-feet of torque.

Power is sent to all the wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission system. Speaking of wheels, the car will most likely get 20-inch rollers.

The car will also get LED lights with BMW’s Laser technology, air flap control, and adjustable grille slats, to name a few. The 8 Series gets a two-tone finish in the cabin, with all the bells and whistles you can imagine and ask for.

Our Take

Here's The 2020 BMW 8 Series Cabrio in Prototype Form
- image 793303

Being a niche segment, BMW is publicising the car right from its development stages to build that trust factor in the consumers’ mind from the very beginning. While it has all the potential to beat the competition there isn’t much out there in this niche. Whatever happens, we hope to see a lot of this beauty on the roads. Like it, or hate it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Press release

Munich. BMW continues its current luxury segment product offensive with the development of a further model variant of the new BMW 8 Series. With intensive function trials and test drives between Las Vegas and Death Valley in the USA, the critical phase in the series development for the new BMW 8 Series Convertible has now begun. The results of so-called hot climate testing in the Western United States provide important insights into the functional safety of mechanical and electronic components under extreme weather conditions. Temperatures of more than 50 degrees Celsius, extreme dust formation on the edge of the desert, stop-and-go traffic on the Las Vegas Strip, gravel tracks around Mount Whitney and long-distance journeys between the Pacific coast and the Rocky Mountains characterise the challenging test programme for the new BMW 8 Series Convertible on its way to series maturity.

Weather conditions for a convertible definitely do not exist in Death Valley. However, the heat and the extreme dryness of the national park in the Mojave Desert do create the ideal conditions for an acid test of a special kind. Inside a prototype of the BMW 8 Series Convertible that has previously stood for hours in the blazing sun, BMW engineers check the onboard electronics, the hi-fi system, sensors and cameras for the driver assistant systems, displays for the new BMW Operating System 7.0, connectivity functions, seat adjustment and, at the very end, the automatic climate control. The camouflaged prototype’s trip to the Hoover Dam poses an additional challenge to the vehicle’s electronics. The exceptionally strong electromagnetic waves from the hydropower plant turbines installed there are the ultimate yardstick for the insensitivity of the electronic systems to external sources of interference.

Furthermore, on endless tracks leading across the steppe and through the legendary Death Valley, the dust-proofness of the multi-layer soft-top and the roof mechanism are put to the test. The hardships suffered by testers and vehicle alike create the foundation for a new form of open-air enjoyment in the luxury segment. The new BMW 8 Series Convertible combines stylish elegance, exclusiveness and individuality with cutting edge equipment features in the areas of driver assistance, operation and networking. Moreover, the car’s fascinating character is enhanced by high-quality drive and suspension technology with which the BMW 8 Series Coupe has already redefined sporty driving pleasure in the luxury segment.

Hot climate testing has a similar level of significance for the series development of the new BMW 8 Series Convertible as has the programme at the Winter Testing Centre in Arjeplog, Sweden, as well as intensive test drives on the BMW Group proving ground in Miramas in Southern France and on the Nürburgring. Only when thousands of kilometres have finally been completed can developers rest assured that with the open-top model of the BMW 8 Series they are putting on the road a true dream car designed for the luxury segment.

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