Owned and hooned by Vaught Gittin Jr himself

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Vaughn Gittin Jr is a man of surprises. When he’s not slicing tires in his Formula D Mustang RTR or drifting the Nurburgring in a Ford Raptor, Mr. Gittin drives the insane all-metal ’69 Ford Mustang RTR-X.

Yes, we know, you never heard of it.

What’s up with this build?

Here's the Bonkers '69 Ford Mustang That You Never Knew Existed
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Luckily, content channels like Hoonigan AutoFocus are around to unearth crazy builds that were put together in a time when the car community wasn’t so present on YouTube. So, other than being a restomodded 1969 ‘Stang, Mr. Gittin’s ride is described as “the big brother” of the Hoonicorn, Ken Block’s Gymkhana weapon of choice. One of them, actually.

It was built in 2011 from a partnership with the Need For Speed franchise as a car that can be used in real life but also make an appearance in the game.

And for Vaughn Gittin Jr, it ended up being the most substantial project up until that point, which he built “out of my brain, with the people that I trusted.”

Here's the Bonkers '69 Ford Mustang That You Never Knew Existed
- image 939027

That said, know that the car is all metal (in some places hand-formed metal), as in the body isn’t made of composite materials, none of that fancy stuff. In fact, composite materials were used only for the fender flares and the front chin spoiler. Oh, and we also get to know what RTR stands for, which is Ready To Rock.

Here comes the icing on the cake, though: the car rocks a 5.0-liter Coyote V-8 good for 450 horsepower. And it’s been taken from a Mustang Boss 302, so it comes with all the adjacent tweaks and mods necessary to support high-performance driving and drifting, of course.

Here's the Bonkers '69 Ford Mustang That You Never Knew Existed
- image 939031

On that note, do check out the 30-minute video below because it’s full of goodies. Not only visual, but also of the acoustic ilk, coming from the rabid engine screaming under the hood.

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