This is the 2010 Camaro, spotted in Australia and posted on, a site devoted to the upcoming reincarnation. 
As previously reported, Chevy has cheaped out – the car is a two-door sedan, not a hardtop. The concept was a pillarless hardtop, as was the original. But this has a B pillar, though it’s deemphasized by the black paint, so that the roofline appears, from a distance to be pillarless.
Otherwise, the car seems to be production – but the big question is the front. The Volt is getting a more truck-like family front, the one with the big crossbar. Does that happen to the Camaro, too?
Overall, though, the car is just chunky. The exceptionally high fenderline translates into a narrow and short greenhouse. While that look worked on the Chrysler 300, this car ends up looking like someone chopped the top and then forgot to section the body. A square body works for a car that’s intended to be formal, but not for a car that is supposed to be sporty.
It looks like a ’69 Camaro that retired after too many steroids.
Call George Mitchell.
Better yet, find some of Bill Mitchell’s drawings. Before it’s too late.

Source: Autounleashed

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badestofthebad  (608) posted on 12.15.2007

its a muscle car so ofcourse it will be a clunky steroid pumped vehicle look at the charger an even the challenger which is coming out all muscle cars are built heavy thats jus their trade mark lots of weight n lots of power....duh where have ya’ll been over the last 40+ years

badestofthebad  (13) posted on 12.15.2007

They’ve toned it down a bit from the concept car.

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