Former and maybe future Formula One champion and current rat, Fernando Alonso, is going to leave McLaren. Seems he was right - they don’t want him. Neither does Ferrari, so maybe that means that Renault ends up with the Champion of betrayal.
Alonso is the “champion” who knowingly used stolen information and then sold out his employer to keep his driver’s license. That neither Ferrari nor McLaren wish to retain his services is, apparently, considered remarkable in the F1 press.
But it isn’t remarkable in the F1 garages.
According to a story sourced in Madrid by – Alonso is a Spaniard – Mercedes-Benz has given the green light to McLaren to dump Alonso, no questions asked. 
The story has Renault searching for the money to hire Alonso.
One does, however, wonder why.
Having screwed his current employer and betrayed every sense of honesty toward Formula One,
Why would anyone want this guy?
Is is that he’s a good driver?
Bull. You win in F1 on the equipment.
This guy isn’t a “red bull.” He’s something where “bull” is an adjective.

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  (372) posted on 10.18.2007

Good riddance.

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