We brought you news earlier this month about a lighter, more powerful Ferrari F12, and now we have what appear to be two newly leaked photos from a yet-to-be-released online configurator for prospective customers. Speculatively called F12 ‘GTO,’ the revised super GT will have over 780 horsepower, and, at 3,120 pounds will weigh an entire 220 pounds less than the standard 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

If you were expecting an angrier F12B styling-wise, then these images, courtesy of Autogespot won’t disappoint. It shares the same hard points as the car on which it’s based, but the ‘GTO’ is a riot of air intakes, fins and winglets, and there are even a few nods to iconic Ferraris of the past, specifically the Series I 1962-1964 Ferrari 250 GTO.

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Lets start at the front. The front fascia as been reshaped to house a singular grill element, as opposed the one on the F12B, which is partitioned into the three sections. The central area of the grille now extends down to the front splitter and likely contains active-aero flaps that open and close depending on speed. Two carbon-fiber end plates help contain airflow on the front splitter.

The shark gill-like items are a clear nod to those of the Series I 250 GTO (and are consistent with what was reported earlier this month).

The hood has been completely reshaped as well. Two small air outlets replace a single large one and channel air through canals that start over each front wheel and flow around the sides to the doors. There are also new outlets aft of the front wheels to relieve pressure buildup within the wheel wells.

The outlets over the rear wheels serve the same purpose, but the shark gill-like items are a clear nod to those of the Series I 250 GTO (and are consistent with what was reported earlier this month). The rear window has been reshaped and there’s now a strip of black bodywork connecting the two circular taillights. Clusters on either side of the rear fascia contain both exhaust outlets and what appear to be new active wing elements.

Autogespot previously reported the F12 GTO will be powered by a 780-horsepower V-12, but is now saying it could also be supplemented with HY-KERS, similar to the LaFerrari. Between the V-12 and electric motors, the system would produce around 800 horsepower, dropping the 0-60 time to below three seconds. A Ferrari-first rear-wheel steering system would help drop its Fiorano lap time to 1 minute 21 seconds, roughly two seconds faster than the F12B.

Why it matters

The F12 ‘GTO’ — which it almost definitely will not be called — is slated to be released at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, but, given the leak, we could be getting something official much sooner. Either way, we should have more on this ultimate F12 soon, so stay tuned.

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

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Source: Autogespot

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