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A lot of car crashes happen at intersections. Here’s the latest example that has come to light. A Ford F-150 jumped a red signal and crashed into a Tesla Model 3. Thankfully, this wasn’t a fatal crash, and in fact, the Model 3 held up pretty well. Even though it wasn’t a high-speed crash, a truck crashing into a sedan from the side can get devastating. Along with the front camera view, the Tesla owner also released a video that shows the crash recorded by the Tesla’s side camera.

Side Cameras Captured The License Plate Clearly

Here's What a Side Impact From an F-150 Looks Like to the Tesla Model 3's Side Cameras
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It looks like the crash was caused by the Ford F-150 that ran a red light. The Model 3’s side camera doesn’t show the same, but the front camera does. The driver was taking a right at the intersection where the signal had just turned yellow. But right then, the Ford F-150 came crashing into the car. The side camera recorded the action and the truck’s license number plate was right in the frame. Come to think of it, this could be very useful in case of a hit-and-run.

This could also be a case of miscalculation. Perhaps the Ford F-150’s driver was approaching the signal and expected it to turn green by the time he reached the crossing, but was quicker by a few seconds. If that is the case, well, that’s a poor judgment call. Also, notice the front camera at the time of the impact. When the truck hits the car, there is barely any movement and the car doesn’t even swivel sideways. That’s the sturdy build of the Model 3. The owner also released a few pictures that show the damage caused to the car.

Final Thoughts

Here's What a Side Impact From an F-150 Looks Like to the Tesla Model 3's Side Cameras
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Recently, Tesla rolled out the “Recognize And Respond To Traffic Signals And Stop Signs” feature in the Autopilot for the early users wherein the car will halt at red signals and stop signs. Now, just imagine how the technology would work in this scenario. The traffic light had just turned yellow and there was a vehicle approaching from the side. Would the system engage the brakes, or would it keep going as the driver did? Share your thoughts about this in the comments section below.

Source: InsideEVs

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