• Here’s What the 1994 Ford Mustang Cosworth From An Alternate Universe Looks Like

Ford never built such thing as a Mustang Cosworth but still, what if?

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We know we’ve been bombarding you with a lot of Subaru BRZ-related content lately especially of the how-would-it-look-in-STI-clothes variety, so let’s switch it up a little, shall we?

Just check out this 1994 Ford Mustang Cosworth digital unicorn that Abimelec Arellano created and somehow managed to flawlessly piece together. I mean, come on, this looks like it’s fresh out of an unpublished, secret book of Blue Oval concepts that never made it into production.

The first thing that hints at this Mustang’s Cosworth-esque influences has to be the rear wing. II mean, you can’t miss it and it was a signature of Cosworth-modded Fords.

Plus, as peculiar as it looked, it wasn’t there just for show on the Escort (nor the Sierra, since we’re at it) as it actually helped the car’s aero ambitions on rally stages, where Ford wanted to steal the show from Group A aces such as Subaru Impreza and Lancia Integrale.

Here's What the 1994 Ford Mustang Cosworth From An Alternate Universe Looks Like Exterior
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What Ford also did was take the Sierra Cosworth platform and powertrain only to cram them inside the smaller Escort frame. As a result, the Escort RS Cosworth got the same 2-liter, turbocharged and longitudinally-mounted engine driving all four wheels. Not exactly American muscle car material, but certainly not pushover as the mill cranked out 227 horsepower.

In all fairness, the 1994 Ford Mustang wasn’t exactly a sweetheart and it sort of ended up being hated more than loved. As an European, I can raise my hands and admit that the RS Cosworth treatment does all kinds of justice to this particular Mustang generation.

Here's What the 1994 Ford Mustang Cosworth From An Alternate Universe Looks Like Exterior
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And to be perfectly honest, I’ve got no problem with the fact that there isn’t a V-8 or a V-6 roaring from under that hood and instead it is hiding a four-cylinder engine, albeit in Pixel Land.

How do you feel about it?

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