• Here’s What Your Favorite Car Would Look Like If Elon Musk Designed It

Someone cybetrucked five iconic cars

When Tesla debuted the Roadster back in 2008, the electric drop-topped didn’t look radically different than the Lotus it was based on. However, the Model S came later with a unique design that set it apart from the competition. The Model X added a bit more uniqueness through the "falcon" doors, but things became really wild when Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck. An unconventional polygonal design that seems to defy modern aerodynamics and automotive styling cues, the Cybertrack is a perfect example of form follows function. If you’re wondering how some of the world’s most iconic cars would look like if Elon Musk designed them, the folks over at Leasing Options virtually "cybertrucked" five of them.

Mini Cooper Cybertruck

Here's What Your Favorite Car Would Look Like If Elon Musk Designed It
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The Mini Cooper is known for its round shapes and flowing lines, so it looks a bit weird as a polygonal car. This car is highly recognizable through its round grille and headlamps, so it looks like a different car altogether. Luckily enough, the original Mini features a somewhat boxy roof, so we can still see some Cooper in there. But that’s also because the rendering retains a traditional Mini livery and a British flag on the front grille.

Volkswagen Beetle Cybertruck

Here's What Your Favorite Car Would Look Like If Elon Musk Designed It
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The Beetle is yet another car famous for its rounded shapes. The modern Beetle retained the rounded fenders and hoods, as well as the rounded roof, so a cybertrucked Bug sounds like a weird idea. Surprisingly enough, it’s not that bad. And I bet it’s because it looks similar to the Kubelwagen, a military vehicle built on the Beetle’s chassis during World War II. Unlike the Beetle, the Kubelwagen featured a simpler, boxier design with a heavily slanted front hood and almost rectangular fenders and side panels. Just like this rendering here.

Jaguar F-Type Cybertruck

Here's What Your Favorite Car Would Look Like If Elon Musk Designed It
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This one’s a bit atrocious if you ask me. Although the designer kept the F-Type’s headlamps and front grille, there’s nothing else to remind me that this is indeed a Jaguar. The overall shape of this car reminds me of the Moster Inc. animated film, and that’s not a compliment. Now I can say I’m glad that Jaguar is owned by Tata Motors rather than Tesla.

Bugatti Veyron Cybertruck

Here's What Your Favorite Car Would Look Like If Elon Musk Designed It
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Now this actually a good reinterpretation of the Bugatti Veyron. I was never a fan of the supercar’s potato-shaped exterior, so this is something I could get into. Sure, it has 1990s written all over it, and the aerodynamics are blown to pieces, but hey, it looks better than the original. And it’s still recognizable as a Veyron.

Range Rover Evoque Cybertruck

Here's What Your Favorite Car Would Look Like If Elon Musk Designed It
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The Evoque is already boxy and angular, so this rendering doesn’t change much. I don’t like the fact that it’s too long compared to the real deal, but hey, this must mean more legroom and more trunk space. But still, I’d rather have Land Rover remain under Tata Motors because they’re good at designing boxy SUVs anyway.

Source: Leasing Options

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Iconic Cars Cybertrucked
Unveiled at the end of 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck still remains a serious talking point. Recognised for
its sharp, futuristic body, Elon Musk’s all

  • electric pickup looks like nothing else on the market.
    Reaching 250,000 pre
  • orders in just five days after its unveiling, the public is set to see the
    revolutionary CYBRTRCK (its tradesmarked name) on roads by late 2021. In anticipation, Leasing
    Options have reimagined iconic cars in Musk’s unique style of Cyb
    Mini Cooper
    The classic Mini Cooper is a British favourite by anyone’s standards. While the style and shape has
    changed slightly over time,
    he Mini has kept its distinct design since the original 1959 car. Though,
    that has changed after it
    has been reimagined as if it was designed by Tesla.
    Leasing Option’s Cybertrucked Mini is the small, three
  • door Hatch we know and love, but it now
    comes with a sharper exterior. Its traditional rounded grille now has six edges and the curved
    have been straightened out. Although, the Mini Cybertruck does keep the brand’s
    signature wings and the definitive Union Jack remains a key feature upfront.
    While Tesla are yet to create a small hatchback, this Mini fits in with the ever
  • changing landscap
    es of
    urban cities, so it might just inspire them.
    For immediate release
    Leasing Options
    Volkswagen Beetle
    The iconic design that gave this car’s name the ‘Beetle’ has been revived multiple times over its
    lifespan and has been popular across generations of drivers. But after 80 years, Volkswagen recently
    announced that production of this classic car has now end
    ed. As a tribute to the beloved bug,
    Leasing Options
    gave it a Cybertruck twist.
    What was once a cute and compact car, our Cybertrucked Volkswagen Beetle has lost its famous
    curved body. It is a direct contra
    t to the well
  • known, round exterior and the
    Beetle now looks more
    like a traditional coupe.
    As a nod to the old design,
    Leasing Options
    have kept the classic Beetle wheel rims. But one of the
  • out upgrades on
    VW is the futuristic, solar panel roof. Tesla’s Elon Musk
    once said that solar panels on cars were just a fantasy, but this might just change his mind.
    For immediate release
    Leasing Options
    Jaguar F
  • Type
    The Jaguar F
  • Type has been praised for its radical new design, with revised styling and upgraded
    technology that is thought to appeal to a wider audience when compared to the last version.
    Cybertruck render takes
    one step further, with its classic
    styling thrown out the window.
    Leasing Options
    have maintained the famous Jaguar grille, but other than that, our Cybertrucked
    version stands out against its British origins. Its new, unique shape is completely unexpected, so it
    would definitely stand out
    from the opposition.
    For immediate release
    Leasing Options
    Bugatti Veyron
    The iconic Bugatti Veyron has been around for 15 years, which is why Leasing Options thought it
    deserved a fresh start. What was once the world’s fastest car gets a cyber revamp in this
    Cybertrucked version.
    While they have maintained the hallmark side vents, it is still a far cry away from the usual, classic
    style of Bugatti models. The original design once helped this car reach its record
  • breaking top speed,
    but would the Bugatti Veyr
    on Cybertruck be even faster?
    For immediate release
    Leasing Options
    Range Rover Evoke
    The Range Rover Evoque may suit the Cybertruck revamp the most out of the new designs.
    have retained the classic Range Rover styling, plus its upgraded look matches the refined
    architecture behind the original car.
    While Tesla’s actual Cybertruck is said to prize toughness, with every component made with
    durability in mind, its off
  • road ca
    pabilities have been questioned. But by combining it with Range
    Rover’s handling and its all
  • weather characteristics
    , even
    the Cybertrucked version would breeze
    through even the worst conditions.
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