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Here’s Why Toyota Should Build A Camry Wagon

This digital rendering of a Camry donning the practical hat sure does look like the sort of car that could pull people out of SUVs

Here is a tastefully rendered image of a Toyota Camry Wagon by sugardesign_1. In keeping with the times, the digital artist has given it a good dose of body cladding and jacked it up. While this Camry wagon sure does look business, should Toyota actually consider re-introducing the wagon format to the Camry lineup?


Here's Why Toyota Should Build A Camry Wagon
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But a wagon version, now that takes it a step even further doesn’t it?

Now, I get that it’s 2022, and SUVs and trucks are the most popular body style. Automakers keep churning them out by the truckloads (pun unintended), and we keep buying them. The choice is truly vast as you already know.

But, what if you wanted something that was a bit different and at the same time, didn’t want to sacrifice the practicality that comes with an SUV? Well, a wagon or a minivan are your only two choices.

The wagon market is seeing a bit of a renaissance, which is no bad thing.

The Current Market

Here's Why Toyota Should Build A Camry Wagon
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Your only options are the Subaru Outback and the Mini Clubman

According to a report by Jato Dynamics, the market share for wagons in the United States is roughly 1.4-percent. In Europe meanwhile, they remain a fairly popular body style, accounting for just over 70% of all wagons sold globally.

If you’re on a budget though, your choice is pretty limited, in the form of the Subaru Outback and the Mini Clubman.

While the number of models being added every year is steadily growing, they remain so at the pricier end of the market, mainly targeting the luxury SUV buyer.

Station Wagons On Sale In 2022

How about a Toyota Camry Wagon?

The Toyota Camry already dominates the sedan market and for good reason. It is inexpensive to buy, run, offers decent gas mileage, and is reliable. What more could you want?! Now, just so you know, Toyota did offer a wagon with the second-gen Camry back in the mid-90s and it was fairly popular in Japan and Australia.

Here's Why Toyota Should Build A Camry Wagon
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But just imagine if Toyota ever decides to do a wagon variant? It would probably stir things up to even attract RAV4 buyers

So, does a Camry wagon make sense? I believe so. Even if Toyota offered just an outdoorsy version with all the extra body cladding, and a taller ride height, a RAV4 buyer would definitely consider it. And, for those folks out there who have always yearned for a Toyota wagon but had to settle for a lumbering compact SUV, well it’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?


Here's Why Toyota Should Build A Camry Wagon
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I know that people up north swear by cars like the Subaru Outback for its varied abilities and AWD, especially during the winter months. If there was ever a Swiss Army Knife amongst cars, this would be it.

Here's Why Toyota Should Build A Camry Wagon
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Having said that, a Camry with a more practical wagon body, Toyota’s legendary reliability, and brand value - now that’ll certainly be difficult to ignore. Throw in a 4x4 system, price it right, and Toyota really could potentially have a winner on their hands. And lastly, a wagon just looks cool, period!

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