• Here’s Your First Look At Aston Martin’s 2021 F1 Car As Compared To the Valkyrie

At this point, it is hard to tell which car inspired the other

More than 60 years have passed since Aston Martin raced in Formual 1 so the news that the carmaker is making a comback in the Big Circus can be counted as a major reason to celebrate. The new F1 car is called AMR21, which is obviously an immense step forward from the 1960 DBR5 named after David Brown but closely related to the Valkyrie.

Here's Your First Look At Aston Martin's 2021 F1 Car As Compared To the Valkyrie Exterior
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Driving Aston Martin’s new F1 car will fall into the lap of Lance Stroll and four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel, who got transferred from Ferrari.

Coming back to the Valkyrie mention above, well, it’s there because Carfection’s Henry Catchpole compares the new F1 car with Aston Martin’s upcoming street-legal supercar.

Here's Your First Look At Aston Martin's 2021 F1 Car As Compared To the Valkyrie Exterior
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One thing he notices right off the bat is that the two cars have vortex-generating bits and bobs positioned in similar places, as in right at both ends of the front wings.

What is more, the Valkyrie’s massive rear Venturi tunnels can also be found under the F1 car as well, but in a more toned-down variety that abides by Formula 1 regulations.

The two cars are also on par even when it comes to width, although this is where similarities stop as the F1 racer is way longer than the Valkyrie.

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