The new crossover Ferrari is still a long way down the line

Ferrari is busy developing their first four-door crossover, the Purosangue, and are already testing the hoisted suspension on a camouflaged GTC4Lusso mule. A keen videographer caught the mule for a few seconds from behind a fence so we can get a peek at how high the Purosangue might ride.

People have been buzzing for years about a potential Ferrari SUV. There have been coach built four-door models, including the Pinin prototype, but no utilitarian vehicle. Former CEO Sergio Marchionne was strongly against the idea but, now, it seems like at least a crossover sporting the Prancing Horse badge on the hood will become a reality.

We already know that it will be called the Purosangue and that it won’t be a proper SUV in the way the Lamborghini Urus and the Bentley Bentayga are, but it won’t be a sedan either. Louis Camilleri, who stepped up to fill the late Marchionne’s shoes, is against having the acronym ’SUV’ spoken in the same breath as ’Ferrari.’ But it will have higher ground clearance than any other Ferrari before it, and it will have the engine up front.

It makes sense, then, to see Ferrari testing various suspension setups that might trickle down to the Purosangue on Ferrari’s most laid-back grand tourer, the 2+2 GTC4Lusso which also has the engine in front of the driver.

Don’t expect real Purosangue test mules before the second half of 2019

The Ferrari Purosangue rumor mill has kicked into gear again as the internet has got its hands on the first real footage showing an early Purosangue test mule. It’s actually a GTC4Lusso used as a testbed for components that will be used on Ferrari’s highly anticipated crossover.

The Lusso we see in the video sports a dark body color covered by white camouflage elements and, most importantly, sits higher to the ground than a normal Lusso would.

This is a sign that Ferrari is already testing suspension setups for the ’utilitarian’ Purosangue.

Ferrari has offered sparse bits of information on the Purosangue up until now. We know Ferrari doesn’t view it as an "SUV" and that it may benefit from an "innovative architecture with plenty of innovations regarding technologies and components." This new architecture will incorporate the company’s new V-6 engine that we’ve talked about before as a potential engine to power a new budget Ferrari that would harken back to the Dino.

What this means is that the Purosangue will probably be a plug-in hybrid, but you should also expect a version only powered by an ICE with an all-wheel-drive system as part of the standard package. It should have at least 600-horsepower and over 500 pound-feet of torque to be in the same ballpark as its rivals from Porsche, Lamborghini, and Bentley.

Here's Your First Look at the Ferrari Purosangue...Kinda
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There are even more questions when it comes to the appearance of the new model.

Ferrari stated it will have four doors and a rear hatch, but not much else was mentioned about the design.

Some suppose it could have suicide-style rear doors which would, in exchange, help the Purosangue retain a sporty roofline, aggressively slanted towards the back.

With all of this said, the Purosangue won’t be here for at least two more years, so don’t hold your breath waiting to find spy shots of the actual Purosangue test mules. Those might come your way as a Christmas present next year.

Ferrari is hard at work developing over a dozen new models to be released until 2022, and the Purosangue is just one of them. The Icona-series SP1 and SP2 beasts are two others, but many more have yet to show their faces. For instance, a mid-engined, fully-camouflaged mule was seen testing on Monday at the Fiorano track, and sources talk about a reveal in December for what should be a 488 Pista-beating hybrid model. So keep your eyes peeled for much more Ferrari-related news. Until then, watch the video below and tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

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