The next time you find yourself in Italy and may need a rental car, we suggest that you give Hertz a call. Not only is it one of the more established car rental brands in the world, but they’re latest fleet of rentals are enough to make everyone scramble for the rental company’s phone number. When you do go through to them, might we suggest that you ask for a Lotus Elise SC. We guarantee you won’t regret it.

As one of the world’s most popular sports cars, the Elise SC is now available for rent from Hertz Italiana S.p.A. Part of the agreement between the car rental company and Lotus Cars Limited, the sports car subsidiary of Group Lotus, a fleet of Lotus Elise SC’s will be made available to hire from a number of Hertz centers throughout Italy.

It’s a tie-up that both companies are eager to get started.According to Michael Kimberley, Chief Executive Officer of Group Lotus, “I am delighted that Lotus Cars has entered into this agreement with Hertz, giving us the opportunity to make our stunning world class sports cars available to the rental market.

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Additionally, the folks at Hertz Italiana are thrilled to be adding such an exclusive – and in demand - line of sports cars to their rental fleet. “We launched the Hertz Fun Collection last year to give our customers the possibility to drive the cars they have always dreamt of driving, said Ing. Giuseppe Caminiti, Fleet Director for Hertz Italiana. “The Lotus Elise SC is one of these dream cars and by including it in the Hertz’s Fun Collection our customers have an opportunity to drive a real sportscar. We are honoured to be able to work with Lotus and are delighted that Lotus has created personalised versions of the Elise SC especially for Hertz,” he added.

And so, starting in the middle of July, Hertz Italiana will be having one of the worlds most sought after sports cars in its rental line-up. For a lot of us who can’t afford to buy the Lotus Elise SC, renting it even for just a time is tantamount to the next best thing.

Source: Auto Media

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