Maybe not all of you folks consider that the Vw Golf is a supercar...after you will read this article this thinking will definetely change! HGP unveiled its lates creation: the 640hp Golf. Powered by the 3.6 liter V6 engine found also on the Vw Passat R36, the modified vehicle has exactly 10hp less than the Golf W12 650 concept.

HGP Golf R36 BiTurbo
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vw golf r36 by hgp tuning

With the new engine, the HGP Golf R36 BiTurbo is capable of sprinting from 0-100 km/h in just 3,8 seconds while the top speed is arround 330 km/h. With these performances the tuner had to change also the exhaust system, alloy rims and the brake discs with new ones capable to sustain these performances but to provide better handling too.

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  (233) posted on 04.18.2008

yea true the corvette does have a bigger engine but i’m just saying that you can put a bi turbo on one of those and see what performance it puts out... i’m not saying this is a bad car bc this is a very impressive car. i’m just saying that if you put that kind of tuning into a vette it’d be pretty impressive... but most engines dont put out 100 hp per liter without some fuel management or aftermarket parts... even the R8 has some fuel management. but the 3.6 liter itself without the tuning probably puts out around 250-280 hp which is still impressive for a v-6. there are hardly any engines out there that put out 100 hp per liter on their own... well honda S2000 but not many others and even it has variable valve timing

AK47  (1024) posted on 04.18.2008

Corvettes have 5L plus engines genius. And in case you haven’t noticed that is still a F**king huge displacement. Ask any decent engineer and he’ll tell you that a good engine should deliver 100hp per litre.If it has a small displacement, a turbo is the best way to go, but if it is big, the engine should deliver the performance. People like you say that the R8 is underpowered but considering it delivers 420hp on a 4.2L engine without turbos, it is impressive. Take the car above, it has 640 hp and 0to60 in 3.8, good performance for a 3.6L engine but not good for that high a hp rating.

Rod  (825) posted on 04.18.2008

Nice just nice but I would to see a 4 cyl engine to get this power.

Rod  (233) posted on 04.18.2008

impressive... yes it is but you say better than those idiotic muscle cars... put a bi-turbo in a GTO or corvette and see the performance...but regardless this is still impressive especially from a 3.6 liter

AK47  (1024) posted on 04.17.2008

Iam not impressed, 640hp, 0to60 in 3.8seconds. It can’t weigh over a 1.5tonnes. But....... considering it has a V6 with 3.6L displacement, it is impressive, better than those idiotic muscle cars. Nice colour, beautiful engine, I wouldn’t mind one until I finally get my GT-R, although that might take some time.

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