Because race car… and Suburban

Okay sure, this video is an advertisement for Valvoline motor oil, but it’s got old-school race cars and an early 2000s Chevy Suburban doing trailer duty. What’s not to love? Maybe it’s the fact this decade-old Chevy has racked up 300,000 hard miles in the service of restoring and racing vintage race cars that’s so appealing.

The Burb belongs to Joshua Shaw, a guy dedicated to finding, restoring, and racing cars that raced long before he was born. But this story isn’t about those by-gone eras or even the straight-piped dirt track runners. It’s all about the Suburban and its duties around the shop.

See, these old racers don’t come with starter motors. Probably something to do with less weight and the lack of an electrical system. So Shaw has to push-start the cars with – you guessed it – the Suburban. It’s got a special push plate mounted to the front bumper just for this purpose.

The most notable feature is undoubtedly the massive aluminum wing fitted to the Chevy’s roof. It might look a bit silly, but it serves a big purpose. Shaw says the first time he tried towing his flat-nosed enclosed trailer, the V-8-powered Chevy couldn’t accelerate past 60 mph. Recalling the car hauler trucks of the 1980s, he went on the hunt for such a spoiler. His Burb now has no issues cruising down the highway.

Of course, it’s the Suburban’s high mileage count that makes it newsworthy. Its odometer just ticked over 300,000 miles – hard driven miles with a trailer in tow. While Valvoline might say it’s the special high-mileage oil Shaw is running in the Chevy’s V-8, the reality is this: regular basic maintenance is critically important to a vehicle’s well being. Neglect a vehicle’s maintenance and it will neglect to last.

Our own Robert Moore penned a great how-to article on basic maintenance. Be sure to check it out here for tips on keeping your vehicle running in good shape.


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