It’s not as silly of a race as you’d expect

On the surface, racing a Tesla Model S P100D against a Tesla Model 3 Performance has all the makings of a lopsided affair. The Model S P100D is vastly more powerful than the Model 3 Performance. But the specifics of this particular race that YouTube channel DragTimes organized between the two Teslas aren’t normal, specifically as it relates to the age of the two models. The Model 3 Performance is an almost brand-new model, but the Model S P100D is a three-year-old model with 96,000 miles in its odometer. Do the Model S P100D’s age and high mileage have an effect on its performance capabilities relative to the almost brand-new Model 3 Performance? DragTimes tried to find out and the results are interesting, to say the least.

High-Mileage Tesla Model S P100D vs. Model 3 Performance

Car engines typically lose horsepower over time for a number of reasons, usually do to wear of various components and normal loss of cylinder compression. Similar power loss also happens to motors and batteries that are normally found on electric cars. Use them often enough and their capacity decreases, potentially resulting in the loss of power and performance. This is no different than the battery in your iPhone or Macbook that, two years in, doesn’t last quite as long as it used to.

DragTimes tried to figure out how much this comes into play with Tesla vehicles by lining up a Tesla Model S P100D that has 96,000 miles on its odometer with a brand new Tesla Model 3.

On paper, racing a Tesla Model S P100D against a brand new Tesla Model 3 Performance doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The Model S has 761 horsepower on tap while the Model 3 Performance only comes with 473 horsepower.

High-Mileage Tesla Model S P100D Matches Wits With Almost-New Tesla Model 3 Performance
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In this case, though, we’re talking about a Model S P100D that’s around 4,000 miles away from hitting six-figure mileage. The YouTube channel disclosed the discrepancy in power related to the high-usage of the Model S P100D.

Take a look at the power and range produced by the Tesla Model S P100D when it was brand new as opposed to having more than 96,000 miles on it in the table below.

Tesla Model S P100D Brand New 96,000 miles Difference
Power in kW (Horsepower) 567 (761 horsepower) 528 (708 horsepower) 39 kW (53 horsepower)
Range in Miles 317 miles 283 miles 34 miles (roughly 10 percent loss)

The loss in power isn’t at all surprising considering how old the Model S P100D is in this video and how much mileage it’s already incurred. Bu,t even with that power loss —761 horsepower down to 708 horsepower — the smart bet would still be on the Model S P100D..

DragTimes lined the two cars in a pair of drag races and the results, well, are interesting. While the Model S P100D still clocked a higher top speed than the Model 3 Performance, the reaction time between the two cars from the jump painted a completely different picture.

High-Mileage Tesla Model S P100D Matches Wits With Almost-New Tesla Model 3 Performance
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In the first race, the reaction time favored the Model 3 Performance (0.057 seconds) compared to the Model S P100D (0.721 seconds). In the second race, the discrepancy turned into a full-blown raping as the Model 3 Performance (.109 seconds) launched well ahead of the Model S P100D (1.306 seconds). It wasn’t even close. This points to the Model S P100D suffering a drop in horsepower on the top end, resulting in the high-mileage Tesla getting spanked by the brand-new Model 3.

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