The Frankfurt Motor Show is a month away and the entire auto industry is the buzz is already in the air. In what is expected to draw a who’s who of automakers, the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show is shaping up to be one for the books.

One automaker that has kept a low profile for months is now ready to steal the show at Frankfurt. We are, of course, talking about Wiesmann and their latest production supercar, the MF5 Roadster.

For the German-based niche car maker responsible for some past jewels of the road like the MF4 Roadster and the MF5 GT, the MF5 Roadster serves as another culminating moment for the folks at Wiesmann. The long-awaited MF5, a car that in some respect combines the elements of its two predecessors, is the personification of a powerhouse trapped in an unassuming body case. Showcasing its 507-horespower V10 engine - which it actually got from the BMW M5 and M6 – the MF5 can drive from 0-60 mph at just a tad under 4 seconds and reaches maximum speeds of 190 mph.

No photos of the MF5 Roadster have been released (the one photographed above is the MF5 GT) so you can expect that the unveiling of this supercar has become one of the most highly-anticipated parts of the Frankfurt Motor Show. That, and the fact that the Wiesmann only produced 55 of these bad boys at around €190,000 each, makes the MF5 unveiling a can’t-miss show for those going to Frankfurt.


Source: 4 Wheels News

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