• Hilarious Mercedes-Benz G-Class Commercial Proves The Germans Can Be Fun, Too

German humor can be an oddly weird thing

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Mercedes-Benz’s advertising department has rolled out a new commercial for the G-Class, and contrary to what you might expect, the German automaker went with the humorous approach in touting its rugged, no-nonsense, off-road SUV.

The ad runs 4:30 minutes long. It’s long for a traditional commercial, but since the ad was launched on YouTube, Mercedes took all the liberties it could get to create a storyline that underscores the G-Class’ go-anywhere ability. It’s a funny commercial with some weird elements sprinkled in, including a “mutter” riding a mechanical bull as a test of worthiness of riding shotgun in the G-Class.

What’s so funny about this commercial?

Hilarious Mercedes-Benz G-Class Commercial Proves The Germans Can Be Fun, Too
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You’re going to have to have some sense of humor to fully grasp Mercedes’ new commercial G-Class.

This isn’t as straightforward as the S-Class’ Magic Body Control or even a past G-Class commercial that saw the SUV go through the crash test facility’s walls.

The commercial stars an unassuming British man who was invited to a “covert G-Class training facility” somewhere in Europe. Upon his arrival, the man is subjected to a test that involves sand getting thrown in his face. Apparently, that’s Mercedes’ version of simulating the sand dunes that the G-Class could find itself at some point in its life. An industrial fan is also used at some point to simulate a sandstorm.

Things get weirder in the second test because the man’s mother, or “mutter,” shows up and is invited to ride a mechanical bull. It’s probably the only way Mercedes could show the SUV’s unmistakable “Stronger than Time” grab handle, but all the same, the automaker somehow made it work. “Mutter” ends up successfully staying in place after the bull ride, proving herself worthy of being a passenger in the new G-Class.

The commercial ends with mother and son inside the G-Class, and as final touch, dear ol’ mutter puts on a pair of red racing gloves while grabbing the aforementioned grab handle and then telling her son to “hit it.”

Hilarious Mercedes-Benz G-Class Commercial Proves The Germans Can Be Fun, Too
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The commercial is funny if you understand German humor. Mercedes-Benz seems to have gotten a kick with making the 4:30-minute long ad, and for what it’s worth, we got a good chuckle out of it, too. It took a few viewings, but we ended up where Mercedes wanted us.

Mercedes G-Class Specs
Mercedes-Benz G-Class Mercedes-AMG G63
Engine  4.0-liter, V-8 Biturbo 4.0-liter, V-8 Biturbo
Horsepower 416 Horses 577 Horses
Torque  450 pound-feet 627 pound-feet
Transmission Nine-speed Automatic Nine-speed Automatic
0-60 mph  5.6 s 4.5 s
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