There’s no word as to what happened but speed was likely a factor

Turned on its side, a wheel missing, various engine items thrown about, and the passenger seat ejected. How any person could walk away from such a horrific crash is mindboggling, but that’s exactly how things went for the unknown driver of the Chevy Corvette Z06 that you see above. As of now, details are scant, but a handful of pictures posted by Thomas Minnear on Facebook show the aftermath of a crash that was likely facilitated not only by speed but by excessively worn tires as easily noticed by shots taken of the tire that came off during the accident. Even without an official police report, it’s pretty easy to see that the driver of this car was quite lucky to have walked away.

Mr. Minnear posted what has to be the most relevant comment of the year along with the photos: “I’d say his angel was riding shotgun.” That’s pretty much an understatement considering the fact that the driver has reportedly walked away and, had there been a passenger (other than a guardian angel, of course,) they probably wouldn’t have been so lucky. In the end, the driver’s ego is tarnished, his car destroyed, his angel scared shitless, but in the end, he and those in the house still have their life, so you could say things managed to work out. Keep reading to hear our thoughts and see a full gallery from the accident.

You’ve Gotta Keep Up on Maintenance

His Angel Was Riding Shotgun: Chevy Corvette Z06 Crashes into a House
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In the end, the driver’s ego is tarnished, his car destroyed, his angel scared shitless, but in the end, he and those in the house still have their life

It may be said that the driver lost his car but, as they say, Karma is a bitch. In this case, it’s quite likely that the driver was traveling at higher speeds. I wouldn’t necessarily say extremely excessive, but he wasn’t going slow either. Despite the fact that the passenger seat, alternator, coolant reservoir, one wheel, a brake caliper, part of the exhaust, and various body parts were thrown about, one critical piece of information is given from the pictures at hand: The driver didn’t take care of his Vette as well as he should have. Just look at the condition of those tires. Those summer tires aren’t what we would call being “in the best condition,” and are really teetering on the line of being unsafe altogether. Even if the driver was going, say a speed of 55 mph, which may have been legal, he probably didn’t stand much of a chance in a hard turn or on a slick surface.

In the end, everyone (except for maybe his guardian angel, that is) came out without serious injury, so that’s the most important thing. What do you all think about this accident? Without being there and just looking at the pictures, can you tell us what happened? We’re curious to hear your thoughts.


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Source: Facebook: Thomas Minnear

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