• Hitler’s racing car to become the most expensive car ever sold at auction

    1939 auto union d-type

In 1939, at a request from Adolf Hitler, Fernando POrsche had to create a special car as a propaganda tool to show off the technological superiority of the Third Reich.

The Auto Union D-Type, one of the fastest of its time, has 485 horse-power and a maximum speed of 186mph and is going to be auctioned by Christie’s in February in Paris.

Almost all the D-Types were destroyed during the Second World War but this one was taken to Russia for its technology to be studied.

The current world record for a car at auction is held by a 1931 Bugatti Type 41 Royale Sports Coupe - sold for $10.800.000 by Christie’s in the late 1980s.

Source: Ananova

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