Until Audi drops the next-generation Q7 SUV onto the market, the guys over at Hofele Design have unveiled an awesome tuning kit based on the 2011 and 2012 Q7. The kit is called Strator GT 780 and can be yours if you have an extra €6,900 ($9,300 at the current exchange rates) in your pocket.

The Strator GT 780 kit includes a new front bumper with bigger air intakes and four additional lamps, more pronounced wheel arch extensions, a wide rear apron diffuser and a new exhaust system with four oval tailpipes. For the interior, the tuner adds a bi-color leather treatment on the seats, the door elements, the front and rear armrests and the steering wheel.

The kit also includes a set of 20-inch wheels combined with an electrical lowering module that can lower the car’s ride by 40 mm (1.57 inches). Once the SUV hits 80 km/h (49.7 mph), the lowering module lifts the Q7 back to its normal ride height to retain its normal ride and safety.

If you have extra money in your pocket you can also opt for some engine updates. Hofele offers up tuning packages for all five engines that the Q7 has available, which includes the 3.0 TDI, 3.6 V6 FSI, 4.2 V8 FSI, 4.2 TDI and 6.0 V12 TDI. From the factory, these engines crank out 240 horsepower, 280 horsepower, 350 horsepower, 340 horsepower and 500 horsepower, respectively. With the Hofele engine updates, these engines get bumped up to 275 horsepower, 305 horsepower, 375 horsepower, 370 horsepower and 555 horsepower, respectively.

Regardless of whether you want only aesthetics or a little pep to go along with the show, Hofele has the right kit for you.

  • Hofele Adds Extra Style to the Audi Q7 With the Strator GT 780 Kit
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  (475) posted on 01.28.2013

Brad, you are right.It surely is something great, and better

  (452) posted on 01.28.2013

20-inch wheels combined with an electrical lowering module that can lower the car’s ride by 40 mm (1.57 inches).I see that they didn’t just simply make-up this car, they also have changed a few great things at it..

  (452) posted on 01.28.2013

This clear white color suites very well this car.It gives a fresh look, and it seems to be quite clean

  (475) posted on 01.28.2013

Audi Q7 was, and is, actually, a very beautiful car.what Hofele managed to do is to create an even more beautiful one!It’s like inception in style..

  (452) posted on 01.28.2013

I think that Hofele created a females-car, out of a males-car. Interesting fact..

  (542) posted on 01.27.2013

Aestethically speaking, Hofele always do great jog.I’m wondering if they activate also in the interior design field.That would be great!

  (509) posted on 01.27.2013

This white version looks quite glam, especially when you take in consideration those little light.Like it!

  (516) posted on 01.27.2013

Alright, Audi, you got tunned, a little bit!Looks like hofele knows what to do smiley

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