Almost every automotive enthusiast dreams of owning an Audi R8, however there is a little thing called money that will keep most of us from actually purchasing one. However if you just so happen to be lucky enough to be driving an Audi A5, the tuners at Hofele Design have come up with an aftermarket kit that takes your two door audi sports coupe and makes it look like the four ringed super car.

Hofele Design offers Audi A5 owners some R8 style
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Hofele starts by replacing the front bumper with an R8 inspired unit complete with a pair of oversized air intakes filled with horizontal diffusers, a set of the R8’s signature side blades and choice of rear aprons complete with cutouts for the Hofele’s oval shaped tailpipes or one that fits the standard single exit exhaust as well as Lamella inserts in the rear diffuser from the new 5.2 Liter V10 powered R8 are integrated into the rear bumper. So if you are looking for Audi R8 style without having to fork over the amount required to actually take home a super car, Hofele Design has just the kit for you.

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