It’s going to cost more than an arm and a leg, but it sure is awesome

So your loved one can’t find you a perfect holiday gift? Christmas is just around the corner, and he or she is probably getting desperate, right? Don’t worry because we’ve got something here that’s going to turn your Christmas upside down, provided that your loved one has the money to spend for it. This is a speaker system. More importantly, this is the speaker system you didn’t know you wanted. It’s a

themed exist Esavox speaker system and it is glorious.

British luxury dealer group HR Owen will have the speaker displayed at Lamborghini London and not only will it be showcased there, it’ll also be available, at least for those who have $24,000 to spend for it. It’s an obscenely expensive gift, but boy, anybody who ends up receiving this speaker as a holiday present is going to win Christmas.

Let’s move beyond drooling over the speaker and check out what it’s all about. First of all, it’s not just your ordinary expensive speaker. This bad boy was designed with iconic Lamborghini features, from the hexagonal speaker design that looks a lot like the trademark intakes from the Italian automaker. Instead of its traditional use, these intakes now house some incredibly powerful amplifiers that are capable of producing a staggering 800 watts of insane power. Outside of that, the speaker also features quad exhaust pipes, Lamborghini’s own logo, a carbon fiber chassis, and shock absorbers. The overall makeup of the Lamborghini iXoost Esavox speaker system is enough to make even the most snobbiest of audiophiles stand up and take notice. About the only downside of this Lamborgini-themed Esavox speaker system (other than the incredible price tag) is that the whole thing weighs a ridiculous 116 pounds. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for owning one of the most exclusive speaker systems that kind of money can buy.

Sure, the price is way up there, but rest assured, nobody’s going to complain if they end up on the receiving end of a gift like this. Well, maybe your neighbors...

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That price tag is eye-popping

Holiday Gifts Don't Get Any Cooler Than This Lamborghini-Themed Speaker Products
- image 698935
Holiday Gifts Don't Get Any Cooler Than This Lamborghini-Themed Speaker Products
- image 698938

It’s expensive as heck, but the iXoost Esavox speaker system should be a worthy purchase for those can appreciate it. Sadly, I don’t consider myself a connoisseur of sound, so the Esavox speaker system is probably not the best gift to get me. I’d appreciate it, sure, but for the price that someone’s going to have to spend to buy one, I’d prefer that somebody get me an actual car.

But I’m not going to dissuade anybody from buying this speaker, even if it’s not as a holiday gift. The sheer architecture of the speaker system is a sight to behold. From the construction of the intakes to the use of actual Lamborghini exhausts to the plethora of other features it boasts of, the Xoost Esavox speaker system is going to make some people very happy.

Remember though, the speakers are available now at HR Owen’s Lamborghini London showroom. Those who aren’t in the vicinity of the showroom can also get the speaker through iXoost’s own website where they can choose among four different colors – Aldebaran Black, Atlas Orange, Evros Yellow, and Mars Red.

Source: iXoost

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