• Hollywood’s Hottest Precision Driver Has a Love Affair With Porsche

When your day job requires the best out of you all the time, you really start to appreciate Porsche’s ’There’s No Substitute’ mantra

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Years ago, Lara’s days were busy as she was doing all the high-paced driving for top-rank female Hollywood movie stars such as Julia Roberts, Mary Louise Parker, and Jennifer Connelly. They all looked tough on the big screen, but she was toughing it out for real, during takes. Now, Lara’s still as busy as ever, although now she’s gained a different kind of notoriety, as a female Porsche lover in a world where most people who buy Porsches and adore the brand from Stuttgart are men. That’s why you’ll find her on Instagram as @thatporschegirl.

Lara is driving female empowerment in the carl world

Hollywood's Hottest Precision Driver Has a Love Affair With Porsche
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"I’d like to see women at the wheel and on the registration documents," said Lara, a former precision driver that’s now an Instagram star who fawns over everything Porsche. While fit as a fiddle and still active in the modeling industry,

Lara isn't impressed by the cliche hot girl + supercar photoshoot that has - for far too long - been a staple in the automotive world.

And for good reason.

Around the time she was 12, Lara saw a friend of her mother’s show up behind the wheel of what she’d later learn was a Porsche. Not her husband’s car, nor her boyfriend’s. Her own Porsche. As an independent businesswoman, she became a bit of a role model for Lara who, up that point, had only seen women filling the role of the devout housewife from behind the wheel of a compact SUV or station wagon. But this seemingly new kind of a woman motivated Lara as she started to devour car ads and magazines while also sneaking out to motor around in her mother’s car at night to get a hand of the driving bit.

Hollywood's Hottest Precision Driver Has a Love Affair With Porsche
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At 16, he got her hands on her first car, a Beetle, "super-cute, but pathetic in terms of power," Lara confessed. But it did take her all the way to New York, where she ended up moving one year later where she found a job working as a model. Time spent as an extra back in California didn’t do much in the way of pleasing, but her desire to stay in showbiz eventually saw her become a precision driver. How’s that different from being a stunt driver? Lara delivered with a much-needed dose of wit: "No flips in burning cars," she underlined. "It’s more about dynamic precision, and not running over the cameras or putting anyone in danger."

She spent her 20s doubling for some of the world's best-well-known female movie stars that simply couldn't see themselves behind the wheel.

Doing that really got Lara even more invested in cars in general, and, after a breakup, she decided to console herself by buying her first properly fast piece of kit, a Porsche 911. A few dealerships and patronizing experiences down the line, and Lara finally walked away with the keys of a battered 911 in black that she would keep for seven years.

Hollywood's Hottest Precision Driver Has a Love Affair With Porsche
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Nowadays, she lives in Newport Beach, and her garage is slightly larger than it was a decade and so ago, growing as did her passion for Stuttgart’s sports car brand. There now lies a Macan S, the daily driver and grocery-getter, which she shares with her boyfriend. However, she calls the 930 generation 911 Turbo 3.3 from 1982 parked right next to the Macan S her own. Finally, there’s also a 1969 911 T painted in ’Lee Green.’ "The color is our creation," she said, adding that her boyfriend, Lee (that’s where the Lee in the tint’s name comes from), spent a lot of time getting just about everything right on the car.

Found on the other side of the continent a few years back, the 911 was a sorry sight and required a lot more work than Lee and Lara had anticipated. "That’s always the case because I can’t afford the cars I want in perfect condition," she pointed out. But it’s all worth it as the 50-year-old Pork turns every head around as Lara navigates the world-famous Pacific Coast Highway. "Most of the men think I’ve borrowed the car from my dad,” she added. "I’m always friendly and keep my thoughts to myself. But it never ceases to amaze me that a woman bowls people over at the wheel of a classic Porsche."

Hollywood's Hottest Precision Driver Has a Love Affair With Porsche
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This sort of attitude has pushed Lara to become more vocal, both online and offline, about the presence of ladies in the automotive world and how they’re being perceived and treated by their male counterparts. As a bit of a lobbyist trying to drive folks away from the cliches and biases of old, she’s appeared in everything from podcasts to articles and videos. She even hosted this year’s (online) edition of the California Festival of Speed, and next year she’ll be part of the Prorider GT Cruising rally from Paris to Monaco.

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