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Excuse us for acting all excited but we don’t get to listen to a straight-piped Ferrari Enzo every day. Come to think of it, the Enzo is a rare and elusive bird as it is, so we’re going to enjoy Shmee150’s video for as long as we can.

Holy Crap Does This Straight-Piped Ferrari Enzo Sound Awesome
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Those who follow Shmee150’s YouTube channel are already accustomed to a high dose of supercars/sports, road trips, and even banter about industry events, as it was the case with SSC Tuatara speed record attempt.

For this video, Shmee traveled to Miami at the invitation of We Are Curated, a dealership led by John Temerian that specializes in selling, restoring, and offering advice to those looking to get a vintage supercar.

Holy Crap Does This Straight-Piped Ferrari Enzo Sound Awesome
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We don’t know how much vintage flavor the Ferrari Enzo has since it was born in 2002, but that’s not important right now. What really matters for the sake of your entertainment is that the Enzo that’s currently found in We Are Curated’s stable comes with a straight-pipe exhaust system that makes it sound incredible.

PS: John Temerian starts the Enzo about 9 minutes and 20 seconds into the video, so if you’re here for the acoustic bit and only that, just skip the showroom tour altogether and have some desert first.

Ferrari Enzo drivetrain specifications
Engine: 6.0-liter V-12
Power: 651 horsepower
Torque: 458 pound-feet
0-60 mph: 3.1 seconds
Top speed: 221 mph
Curb weight: 3,260 pounds
Production run: 400
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