In the past, the collaboration between Honda and McLaren has brought amazing things to the automotive world, but only in Formula 1 competition. Now the newly renewed F1 partnership between the two looks like may lead to more partnerships that may bear a road-going model.

According to the British magazine AutoCar, McLaren F1 boss Martin Whitmarsh alluded to this possibility when speaking about the "multi-year" cooperation that will start with Honda supplying engine to McLaren Racing in 2015. Whitmarsh’s direct quote was: "Our road car strategy at the moment has no other automotive partner and 
Honda would be a good place 
to collaborate." In auto executive-ese, that translates out to: "Let’s see how this first leg pans out, then we will explore partnering with Honda on a road-going model."

McLaren is currently working on itsP13 sports car and Honda has nothing to do with its development.

So, where can the two vastly different companies find a common interest? Well, that question is pretty easy to answer, given you have kept your finger on the pulse of the automotive world. See, Honda wants to revive its S lineup after the S2000 fizzled away after a a decade of buzzing along at nearly 8,000 rpm to churn out enough power to justify its price tag. Add to that the likelihood that McLaren would love to deliver a lower-priced car to take on the lower-level 911 models or the Boxster S and you have a perfect chance for the two to collaborate on a lower-priced, roadster with plenty of horsepower to tackle a Porsche. Of course, we are simply speculating here...

Click past the jump to read more about Honda - McLaren cooperation between 1988 and 1992.

Honda and McLaren between 1988 and 1992

Honda and McLaren started their collaboration back in 1988 and during the four years this collaboration, they won 44 races from a total of 80, took 53 poles, set 30 fastest laps and won the drivers’ and constructors’ titles four times in a row. Most of these victories were brought by Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

The first racecar developed under this collaboration was the McLaren MP4/4, which was powered by a 1.5-liter V-6 Honda turbo engine with an output of 850 horsepower - one of the most powerful in F1 models at the time.

Next there was the MP4/5 race car that used a 3.5-liter V-10 engine and the MP4/6 engine that was powered by a Honda V-12 engine.

Source: Autocar

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