Honda cancels cancels fun and cool cars... still can get you into an Accord today

2009 Honda OSM
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It’s the basic tactics of tough economic times. Cut all ties to the low-volume driver’s cars and aim for the mom ’n pop middle of the market. Hondas is not a company full of dummies, but it hurts to see it cut this deep.

Last month we got official word that the NSX was DOA, but as it turns out the same decision that killed the supercar also took down a few other good cars with it.

First off Acura’s plans to be a real German rival are not on indefinite hold. Honda was developing a V8 to go into a rear-wheel drive BMW 7-Series competitor. Plans also scrapped to have rear-wheel drive spread 3 and 5-Series sized rivals.

2009 Honda S2000 successor
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While some will be happy that rear-wheel drive and V8 power won’t spread into the Honda sedan bloodline, two other deaths will have plenty of mourners. The replacement for the S2000 roadster has had the plug pulled. The hybrid CR-Z will still arrive, but the roadster version will not see the light of day.

As Honda plans to downsize its investment in development, it may also mean getting back to making one Accord. No word yet if that means the U.S. will be introduced to a more svelte Accord (already sold here as the Acura TSX) or if the rest of the word will see their next generation Accord go on a high calorie diet.

All this means is that Honda is cutting the fun cars. Now that its more focused on smaller economy cars like the Fit, hopefully we can at least get a Fit Si.


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  (19) posted on 01.6.2009

Looks like sad news just won’t stop this days. smiley

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